Monday, February 19, 2007

Mom and Dad Monday

This is beginning to become a pattern here on Mondays, but I worked on a few more print photo scans of my parents this past weekend.

These first three were taken at my maternal grandparent's home in Jena, Louisiana, on the day of my parent's marriage. That would make the date to be December 15, 1952.

Here's the happy couple.

Here's Don C. with his parents. His mother, whom us kids always called Mamaw Eunice, laughed a lot, but you would never know it from the pictures of her. She hated the way her mouth looked when she grinned and could cut from huge laughter to stone face in 0.0000673 seconds. We would sometimes point a camera at her just to see the switch.

Here's Don C. with his new father in law, on the left, and his dad, on the right. To us kids, they were Papaw Hinton and Papaw Masters.

This is a pic of Sainted Mother and Don C, in the early years. I'm not quite sure, but I think I remember Mom telling me this was in their apartment in Philadelphia, where he was stationed for a while. This photo pretty much captures them, him doing something silly like making a face, and her laughing.


Hammer said...

Everyone looks happy in those pictures. The old photos I have shows everyone looking really pissy.

Anonymous said...

what gorgeous photos.