Saturday, December 09, 2006

Yesterday's Photos

I haven't been out taking photos in a while, and yesterday (Friday) evening, Lovely Wife and I had to go somewhere in town. I took my camera along, hoping that after our appointment, we could find some cool things for me to photograph.

When we left our appointment, the sun was pretty low, so we raced over to the beach to check out the ocean. We haven't been in a while, and wanted to sit and watch the waves for a bit.

When we got over there, it was almost too dark for any photos, and I ended up only taking three. Three. Pitiful. But, you take what you can get, and it didn't stop us from enjoying watching the waves for a while. The wind was blowing as hard as I've ever seen it blow here in good weather, hurricanes are in a different category of course.

It was a beautiful evening and we were the only ones at the beach park we went to, Ocean Park in Melbourne Beach, Florida. The wind was blowing so hard you could see the sand shifting on the beach like in wind storm shots of the desert in movies. Another couple came up and we all talked for a while. David and Mary had moved here last year from Birmingham, AL, where Lovely Wife grew up. Eventually, they got too cold and left.

Cold. In Florida. Go figure.

I took this first one while waiting at an interminably long traffic light, waiting to get onto U.S.1.

This one is one of two I took on the beach, from the top of the stairs down to the beach. This is a straight shot, unchanged.

This is the same shot as above, but I played with the Photoshop Elements watercolor thing-a-ma-jig until I ended up with a pretty watercolor. I really like this one. It really looks like someone with talent actually painted it with watercolors.

This is another version of the same beach photo, but I played with the color saturation until I liked this other-worldly look. What think you? Number Two Daughter said it looks like the special effects in an early 1980's video.

This one, I zoomed down the beach a little. This is the straight shot, no manipulation except a bit of unsharp mask.

This is the same photo as above, but I played with the solarization feature in Elements. I used to like to solarize black and white prints back in the darkroom days.

I really like the watercolor one, third from the top.

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