Saturday, December 23, 2006

Slim Pickin's Saturdays

No, NOT Slim Pickens, the actor. Gyah!

Y'all, this whole Christmas shopping, getting things prepared for our trip to Louisiana, trying to get Diana's and Benjamin's wedding photos ready for them, well, I just haven't had the time or inclination to write anything.

I've also been loading Lovely Wife's laptop up with Nikon software, so I can use it to download my camera photos on our trip; also loading scanner software.

We're going to take our flatbed scanner with us and I'm going to be rude and insensitive and scan some of Sainted Mother's and Big Sis's print photos that are unique, while we visit. For instance, I'd like to scan the picture of the destroyer my Dad served on in the Navy, plus there's a picture of him that Sainted Mother only has this one print, in which he has a killer handlebar mustache. I want to be scanning some of this stuff while we're sitting around catching up and shooting the breeze.

I have been on the computer working on Diana's photos, plus a few scans of my own as well, so you're getting some of my scans of negatives today.

WHAT! Not 35mm Slides?!


I have, on occasion, actually used print film in Ye Olde Filme Cameras. It's a seldom thing, but I have done it.

I'm not sure of the dates I took these, but I'm pretty darn sure it was summer of 1999.

Anyhoo, on with the show. Give these a click for your visual enjoyment.

This little rubber alligator was a souvenir that Number Two Daughter chose on a trip when she was little. He doesn't look this healthy now, though he's still out in the pool area. The Florida sun and chlorine have aged him quite a bit.

This is my little buddy, Angel. If I'm at home, she's never very far away from me.

This was just a neat intertwining of some palm fronds on one of the palms in our front yard. I liked the basketweave look and the way the sun was shining on them.

I have no clue as to what plant this is. Something Lovely Wife planted. I just liked how contrasty they were, almost white to deep red/pink.

A couple of cheap inflatable floaties laying beside the pool. I liked the colors, and the textures of the concrete and the pool tiles.

Be back with more photos tomorrow, same bat time, same bat channel.


Marsha (Big Sis) said...

My feeling are so hurt that you didn't mention scanning any of my thousands of Keith Urban photos! I bought extra photo paper today just in case you wanted to print some of my KU pics! By the way, I have a picture of Daddy with the handlebar moustache.

Skittles said...

My hubby is into photography, too. I'm sending him your way.