Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #19

Thirteen Things You Can Buy Me For Christmas

1. 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR DX Zoom-Nikkor - Offers broad 18 - 200mm focal range for use in a variety of situations (equivalent to a 27-300 lens in 35mm format)11x zoom coverage offers a perfect compact and lightweight, one lens solution. Price? Should be $700. Nikon can't make them fast enough, so you have to either happen upon one, or pay $1000 on ebay.

2. 60mm f/2.8D AF Micro-Nikkor - I could really use a good macro lens for taking ultra close-up photos of things. Although, of course Nikon has to be different and call their macro lenses micro lenses. They get it from the word photomicrography. But still to the rest of the world, they're macro lenses. Price? $400 at B&H

3. Slik Pro 700DX Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head - No picture necessary, it's just a tripod. I know serious photographers who wouldn't trust a tripod that cost less than $350 - $400, but I don't use one that much. Plus, the $130 price tag for this one is enough pain for anyone. But the Slik 700DX can extend up to 73 inches, which would be nice for me since I'm a little over 73 inches tall myself. Price? $130

4. Agile AL-2900 BK (hollow bodied Les Paul copy) or Agile AS-1000 Semi-Hollow (Jazz guitar). I've stated on this blog that I really don't need a new guitar, but there is an insidious disease called G.A.S., and I have it. Guitar Aquisition Syndrome. And I could really use, if not outright need, a nice woody sounding, mellow jazz guitar. The Jazz pickup I have in the neck position of my Les Paul Studio does pretty good, but, well, It's Christmas! Price? $359 or $349, which is much cheaper than the $1500 to $2500 for 'real' Gibson jazz guitars.

5. Elite Force Aviator: George W. Bush - U.S. President and Naval Aviator - 12" Doll Action Figure - Ok, I admit it. I'm the guy who voted for Bush. Twice. And what better way to continue with my crazy ways than with an action figure of him in full pilot's outfit? Really though, won't this be a cool thing to pull out and show people in twenty years or so? Seriously. Price? $30 - $40. [Shameless self-promotion: Go read my story, Only Girls Play With Dolls...]

6. A New Desktop Computer - Any decent brand will do, with dual core processor and at least 2GB of RAM. The one I use for scanning slides and negatives and Photoshop Elements work is pretty darn slow. It's plenty fast enough for the internet, but I can't even do basic video on it. It takes a painfully long time to work with slide scans. The dozens of photos I've put on this blog represent lots of hours at the computer, mostly waiting. Each photo you've seen on here is a testament to my patience. Price? $2000.

7. A Decent Set of Tools - I've talked on this blog about being mechanically inept. I have the brain power, but zero will power to learn to work on cars. Example: Yesterday morning I changed the tail light bulbs in our 2001 Taurus and I felt like climbing on top of the house, beating my chest, and letting out a Tarzan yell; such is the level of my automobile care expertise. Price? A Craftsman set for $300 - $400 should last me the rest of my life.

8. Cannondale T2000 Touring Bicycle - I would simply love to have a really strong, high quality touring bicycle. This Cannondale is all aluminum, which would be nice protection against rust since I live on the Atlantic Coast. Price? $1500.

9. One of Those "Sleep Number" Beds - Lovely Wife and I really need a GOOD quality, king size bed. This would allow her to have it soft and me to have it like a concrete floor for my back. They cost an awful lot though. Price? $2500. For the middle range one!

10. Extreme Makeover, Home Edition - I love our house, but it needs lots of work. So much that it's overwhelming. I'd like to have Ty and the gang over and let 'em have at it. Price? incalculable.

11. Dyson Vacuum Cleaner - I'm serious here, these things are just plain cool. Price? $600.

These last two are for Lovely Wife.

12. Puke Green VW Beetle - She wanted one of the old ones, and now that they have the newer ones out, she wants one of them. Plus, now that VW is advertising that with the purchase of a new car you also get a guitar, she says, "Look, Baby! I can get a car, and you can get a new guitar!" If only she knew how tempting that is... Price? $20,000 for a hardtop, $25,000 for a convertible.

13. A Big High Definition TV - Lovely Wife is the big TV watcher around here. A big TV, a DVR, and a remote control, and she's good for hours. Price? $2000.

What the heck, ya know? Might as well dream big. If you are insanely rich, and want to contribute one or more of these gifts, email me, ok?

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Sweet Kitty said...

It's wonderful to find all these christmassy lists this week!
I can't wait till it's Christmas!
I'm sorry but I don't have enough money to buy you all that's on your list! But I would if I could =)

Hugs and happy TT from Germany,

Sweet like Kitty
Sonny's Xmas

Mikala said...

Wow and I thought my list was too expensive! Wouldn't it be great to get some of those things?

Happy TT!

I’m up!

Marsha (Big Sis) said...

Wow John, just your list w/o the home makeover totals $6,329.00. This doesn't include the last two for Cindy! I'll just write you a check, OK?

Caylynn said...

Fun list! I'd like #8 on your list myself.

The VW bugs are cool, but not in that green colour.

Happy T13. :)

Skittles said...

I got my hubby a camera lens.. he picked it out and paid for it.. but it's from me. It cost a LOT.

(His blog is Mike's Place on my list.)

Write From Karen said...

I ordered a fisheye lens for our Canon Rebel for hubby for Christmas. It didn't get the best reviews but I figured it would be fun to play around with - it was only $75 on I just can't bring myself to pay that much for a lens!

Tripod - that's funny you say serious photographers wouldn't pay less than $350 for a tripod. We recently paid $40 bucks for one and about flipped out! (we're cheap though). I have to say, we've been happy with it so far.

My husband is into guitars - Les Pauls, Gibsons and Wolfgangs.

We have one of those sleep comfort beds - only a cheap imitation because those prices really are outrageous. I have to have it rock hard, hubby likes to sleep in a hammock (!). He loves it, I think they are ugly - mainly due to the fact his side is so soft it sags. I air it up when company comes over. It's pretty comfortable though and hubby is actually getting a good night's sleep for once.

High definition TV. We just bought one on for $700. It's a refurbished TV but it works GREAT and we're very happy with it. Ubid fixes the ones that have been returned and then resells them cheap. We've bought several things from them and have never been disappointed. If you don't mind refurbished then you might check them out.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lovely wife said...

I know how tempting it is.... why do you think I keep telling you about it.

Anonymous said...

That is some list! Much different than the post I did about my son's list. Well, he's six, so it's a little easier.

Chelle (beta won't let me post my name)

Bubba said...

Sorry, I'm not insanely rich.

Just insane.

That being said, if someone does give you two computers...I'll take the other one. Just to keep it from clogging up your valuable storage space, of course.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy TT!

~ Stacy ~ said...

Okay, so I admire your optimism, but #'s 1 through 4, and #'s 6 through 13 are, like, waaaaaay out of my price range for fellow blogger gifting.
How about I just give ya a smile and some 'happy thoughts'?

#5 - [chuckle] I voted for him, too. Twice. Shhh! Don't tell my Liberal friends.

Thanks for stopping by my T13 today. Hope you're having a terrific Thursday!

Karri said...

The sleep number bed,I'm all for that one!

Heather Smith said...

Great list! I did another Christmasy on mine this week! Come check it out!

Dane Bramage said...

I'm sure your "secret Santa" will get you everything you wish for. (so long as he's Bill Gates).

My Thursday Thirteen #23 13 Favorite Christmas songs. is up now.

Jenny Ryan said...

Can I tell you that #5 makes me a little nervous? :P

Dixiechick said...

I want the Extreme Makeover Home Edition too...

Happy TT!

JAM said...

Jenny, your fear is duly noted. I didn't mean to frighten anyone. Plus, the George Bush action figure is probably the only thing on my list anyone I know could possibly afford to buy me. Including me.

I hate to dig myself deeper by quoting Rush Limbaugh, but I will: "I'm just a harmless little fuzzball!"

Thanks everybody, for your comments, it's all in good fun. It doesn't hurt to wish.

busy91 said...

When the lottery check comes in the mail, I'll get right on this list for ya! LOL!

Angela/SciFiChick said...

oo.. I'll take a #13 too.

Teena said...

I hope Santa is good to you :)

Thanks for stopping by mine :)