Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Happy Birthday, Lovely Wife!

Today is Lovely Wife's (cough, cough)th Birthday!

Happy birthday Honey, I love you. I have from the moment I first saw you at that Christmas party, twenty-five years ago this week.

And now, a few photos of her from the years that I really like. (Hey, It's MY blog.) All of these except the final one are scans of her father's slides.

This is Lovely Wife as a widduw baby, with her Dad.

I love this slide. All cheeks and pouty lips. (Isn't her face and head here shaped just like Tweety Bird's?)

Goin' with a little attitude here, allowing us to bask in her coolness.

Continuing the attitude theme here, the cat eye glasses and the crossed arms say it all. Oh, and the Mona Lisa smile.

This is actually a crushing Christmas for her. She begged for a puke green VW Beetle, a real one, and this little yellow VW-like car was in her stocking on Christmas. She's smiling, habit from a photo-bug father, but her eyes show her pain. Either that or the pattern on the couch had her hypnotized.

And finally, a semi-recent photo.

Love ya Babe!


Skittles said...

Happy birthday wishes to her! Loved the hippie flowered pants. I think I had a pair just like them.

Emily said...

Aw, yay!! Happy birthday to your wife!!

Leanne said...

I'm certain that I stopped by and wished your wife a Happy Birthday, and now I'm wondering if I'm clicking on the wrong things again!

Happy Belated!!