Sunday, December 17, 2006

Picture Post, Sunday December 17, 2006

I was asked to take photos at a wedding at our church yesterday.

The associate Pastor's oldest daughter was getting married. They wanted me to take photos of the ceremony and at the reception.

The Pastor of our church is a very good photographer, and has a set of lights, and experience in taking the formal family shots, so he did that part.

Here are a few of the photos I took yesterday. I gotta tell ya, I'm loving this Nikon D70s more and more.

This first photo is of the Bride to be, her sister, her sister in law, and her mother, having just arrived at the church and exiting the limo.

The Flower Girl and Ring Bearer head up the aisle.

Our Pastor had set up his lights immediately after the ceremony, and took photos of the new couple and their families. I took a few pics of him taking pics. That's Diana and Benjamin up on the pulpit area.

Diana and Benjamin having their first dance as a married couple at the reception.

The Happy Couple, having changed clothes, are about ready to leave.

The top tier of their cake, with the Precious Moments wedding cake topper.

The whole thing went extrememly smooth, and was fun for me too. I'm hoping to get some time with the Pastor's lights, and would like to take the formal photos for someone in the future.

In decades of 35mm photography, I was asked to shoot one wedding, in the early 1980's. I've shot two in the last four months. Cool.

It was 78 degrees F here yesterday, that's why you see the bare arms on the women on December 16th.


Skittles said...

Great pics. My oldest son does wedding photography on the side :)

JAM said...

Thank you. I was really nervous the first time I did it all those years ago, but now, I just jump in there and do it.

Even as big as I am, the photographer is kinda invisible at these things. Everyone expect a still photographer, so I just relaxed, did my best, and had fun.