Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Baby Photos Of Me

Last night, I worked on some old family slides that I had scanned. I've really been putting off working with these because almost every one of them has some sort of green fungus or something on them. Seriously. If you blow them up really, really big you can see that most of each photo has a green tint.

I worked on these four scans for over two hours last night to get them in semi-presentable form. As long as they are relatively small, the green doesn't show up very much.

For example, in the first photo, my older brother Paul's white t-shirt looks really dirty. It wasn't, it's just the funk on the slides.

I still have the slides, and maybe some day I can clean them, but that's a job I'm not prepared for right now. So my goal here was to make the scans presentable enought to view as say, a 4 x 6 or something small, but viewable.

These are me as the baby, Big Sis, and Big Brother, Paul. My brother Paul passed away in 2001, and it's much more emotionally difficult to see him as a little boy in photos, than it is to look at photos from right before his death. I'm not exactly sure why either. Maybe it's because kids have unlimited potential. Whatever.

Those old individual flash bulbs for each photo were brutal. They made the center of the photo really bright and even washed out, whereas the outer edges of the photos were much darker. That's something else I tried to correct some here too.


Skittles said...

I don't know what the pictures looked like before but they look good to me. You were such a cute baby!!! (I hope you grew some hair, though lol)

I kind of understand what you were saying about your brother. About him being young with his future ahead of him. I'm sorry for your loss.

By the way.. I added you to my links yesterday.

JAM said...

Thanks, I worked on 'em. And like I said, the original scan, which is huge shows all blemishes. Maybe these look better to those who haven't seen the goop on the originals.

One thing I DO have, is a head of hair. I might have started out slow, but my barbers through the years have always had to earn their money. I might be fat and ugly now, but I have a great head of hair.

I don't let my picture get taken very much, but there is one from this past summer on my July 4th post.

Emily said...

I absolutely love all baby pics, and this is no exception. You were so cute!

JAM said...

Emily, thanks. Too bad I grew out of the cuteness. Either that, or a hefty trust fund would have been a big help in my adult life. Oh well.