Wednesday, December 20, 2006

This Guy Has Guts. So Where Are The Americans?

British economist and former Lord Chancellor Nigel Lawson recently said something that no conservative politician in America has the guts to say. (To me, Nigel is the ultimate British male's name.)

In short, he called into question the notion in certain circles, including the mainstream media, that the whole issue of global warming, and why it is happening, is settled. He publicly castigated and called for the resignations of Senators Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia, and Olympia Snowe of Maine, if they wouldn't allow for free speech by people and busineses like Exxon/Mobil that have differing viewpoints on the whole global warming debate.

This is a really complicated subject, but Mr. Lawson has released and 18 page document calling for open and honest debate on the matter instead of just allowing the left to shout us down when we question global warming as it is described by folks like Al Gore.

Can't deny global warming really, but it's little things that get under my skin. If the science indicates that the earth is as warm as it has been in thousands of years, then why did the past global warming happen? Why did the temperature drop after the last period of global warming? This was way before the industrial revolution, so how why is today's warmer temperatures considered to be man made?

Could it be that we are simply riding the next wave in the earth's natural rhythms of climate change? Personally, I think this is exactly what is happening.

Another example: Al Gore keeps showing a chart that shows that historical levels of CO2 in the atmosphere track closely with the mean rise in the earth's temperature. Mr. Gore further stresses that because man is putting out more "greenhouse gasses", their term for more CO2, that it is making world temperatures rise. That's why he flies around on jets all day warning us about the catastrophe to come.

I have two problems with this:

1. Al Gore doesn't practice what he preaches in An Inconvenient Truth. If he truly believed something like this, wouldn't his lifestyle show it? But his life doesn't show it.

2. What he doesn't show you in his spiffy little chart, and that you could see if you saw this correlation between CO2 in the atmosphere and the earth's increasing temperature in a nice form right in front of you, is simply that the increase in atmospheric CO2 FOLLOWS the increase in the earth's temperature by a hundred or two hundred years, all the way across the chart.

Think about that for a minute, and the implications of what's in the details of Mr. Gore's own chart.

Now, you have to understand that I went to Louisiana public schools, but even I can see that if we are producing too much CO2 as Mr. Gore proposes as the cause of global warming, why doesn't the rise in temperature follow the rise in CO2, which it WOULD if our old pal Al was being straight with us?

But it doesn't. The earth's temperature rise precedes the rise in CO2, not the other way around. If Mr. Gore is to be believed, then by his own data, he should see that the temperature rise causes the rise in CO2.

What Al Gore and his followers are saying is absolutely no different than saying that lung cancer causes smoking.

So now we have Nigel Lawson, who served the British government under Margaret Thatcher, saying what apparently no American has the guts to say.

Mr. Lawson is simply saying, let's not automatically buy what the Al Gores of the world are trying to shove down our throats and lets use a little logic and apply it to the scientific data.

You can read Mr. Lawson's paper in it's entirety here.

Like I said, I don't deny that the global temperature has risen, I just have problems with the premise that man is the cause.

The only thing you can say about the earth's climate is that it changes. Climate is change, by it's very nature. Are the Al Gores of the world trying to tell me that the earth's climate should stay steady? The earth's climate has never stayed steady and it never will. It has changed all over the place, way before the industrial revolution.

Plus, thirty years ago when I was at Neville High School, we were being given dire warnings about the impending ice age. That's right, thirty years ago, the scientists were all convinced that the downward slide into the next ice age had already begun.

Now, according to the Al Gores of the world, the earth is warming dangerously, and it's all man's fault!

But like Nigel Lawson, I'm certainly not convinced of this.

Go read his paper, it's eye opening and well written. (For me, well written means it's in plain English, not high minded gobbledygook and ten dollar words.)

That is all. Carry on.

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