Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wanna See Something Scary?

You know how stuff gets passed around the internet and emails? You don't know the truth of half the stories, but the pictures alone can blow your mind. These creeped me out big time.

I know I'll have nightmares over this. Big Sister sent me this story and the accompanying photos. I don't know the accuracy of the text but the pictures? To quote the great philosopher Joey Lawrence, "Whoa!"

Photos of a snake caught on an electric fence on a sheep & cattle station near the NSW town of Nyngan....

Some tourists on holiday came across the snake caught in an electric fence, being continually shocked, and getting very angry!

The group wondering what to do, decide to divert the current, cut the wire AND let the snake go! (As you should do) When the property owner found out he went ballistic, besides being upset about his fence, the snake had been eating lambs in the area, and he'd been trying to track it for ages. He did not appreciate the help! Always whinging aren't they!) Australians are used to a big snake or two, but wait till you see this old fella!

Now assuming the fence you see is at least four feet tall, you get a sense of the size of this monster!


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