Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Illegal Aliens Take A Day Off

Whoop. E.

Am I the only one who TOTALLY thinks this is gonna backfire on them?

We should: 1)Clamp down our borders. Very tightly. 2)Vigorously punish ANY company who hires illegal aliens.

Their being here and demanding citizen rights is a total slap in the face to law abiding citizens and a total slap in the face to all the legal immigrants who have become, are becoming, and are waiting to become American citizens.

NOBODY likes line breakers, and this is the ultimate in line breaking.

What, we should cave in to their demands because they decided not to wait and become legal immigrants?

What, they demand their rights? They have no rights here, they're illegal aliens!

I welcome all who would come to America. I don't blame them for coming to what I still think is the greatest country on the planet.

Just come here abiding by our laws from the beginning. Don't break the law and then demand rights. THIS UPSETS MILLIONS OF US WHO VOTE.

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