Saturday, May 06, 2006

Ditto Head, or Rush Limbaugh part II

In reading the news articles in the paper, on the web, and hearing about Rush's legal situation that went down this week, I kept hearing something that I want to correct.

If you listen to, or have listened to Rush Limbaugh over time, you'll know this already, so you might move on. This is for the news reporters and people who cut him down without listening to his show.

I repeatedly read reporter's references to Ditto Heads, or Rush Limbaugh fans, and that they were called this because they agree with what he says. This is not what Ditto Head means, folks.

Back in the day, when Rush's radio program went national and his popularity was increasing, he was gaining listeners in great gobs day by day. And as a result, whenever someone called into the program, they would start out by relating how much they liked the show and that they were glad to have found him on the radio and in general, start each new phone call with stating how they liked the show.

This was happening call after call after call that came in and was taking up program time with basically the same kudos being repeated by each caller. There are only so many air minutes on the program on each day, so Rush asked that, instead of everyone who wanted to expound on how they loved the show go through their spiel at the beginning of each call, to just day 'dittos'. People who REALLY liked the show started saying 'mega dittos'.

So. A Ditto Head is not someone who agrees with Rush Limbaugh, they are people who love his show and when someone says 'dittos, Rush', or 'mega dittos, Rush' THEY ARE NOT SAYING THEY AGREE WITH HIM ON EVERYTHING, THEY ARE STATING THEY AGREE WITH THE OTHER CALLERS THAT THEY LOVE THE SHOW, OR LOVE THE SHOW A LOT. That's all. That's it. It's simply a way to say they love the Rush Limbaugh program, NOT that they agree with him on everything. It is a way to have more air time on the issues of the day and not waste time with every caller repeating what the previous callers said about them loving the show.

I guess that investigative journalism is a thing of the past. Any person who even halfway looks into Rush Limbaugh's program will find this out about Ditto Heads very soon. Yet I saw so many news reporters referring to Rush's listeners as being called Ditto Heads because they were just dittoing everything he said because they agreed with everything.

Ditto Heads say dittos to Rush to keep from having to waste air time telling him how much they like the show. Get it right people.

Have I repeated myself enough so that you understand this now? It really makes reporters look dumb when they get such basic information wrong.

Thank you. I don't want to see this happen EVER again.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't make them any less stupid!

Anonymous said...

A dittohead is someone who is stupid and may or may not agree with stupid Rush

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of pathetic studid dittoheads! Following an idiot drug addict like he had a brain!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Limbaugh has nothing to offer beyond a version of entertainment that satisfies a basest need to villify anyone else who isn't right wing, republican, simple-minded, neoconservative, white, male, and can yes him to death. New paradigm of conservatism in America.