Sunday, May 07, 2006

Picture Post, Sunday, May 7th

I have whined and complained during the past two posts, so I thought I would take it easy on you today. Plus I love pictures, both taking them and looking at them.

Give these a click.

This is a sea serpent made entirely of Legos outside a Lego store in Downtown Disney, a shopping area near Orlando. It's a fun place to go and has unique shops so that Disney has yet another opportunity to separate you from your cash.

This is a west-facing view of the main drag at Downtown Disney, near orlando. That's a pretty cool Virgin Megastore on the left (I met Aaron Carter there, OMG!) and the tent lookin' thing at the end is the Cirq du Solay (my spelling).

This is a nice waterfront walkway at at sunset at Downtown Disney.

This is a sunset photo looking over Lake Washington in the Melbourne, Florida area.

This is a south-facing view of the Banana River (part of the intracostal waterway) from Mathers Bridge at the southern tip of Merrit Island, Florida.

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Emily said...

I love that lego dragon thing! My brother would have a ball