Thursday, May 18, 2006

Memory Lane Is A Dangerous Drive

Earlier today I wrote about lions, a couple in Kentucky trying to keep their pet lion, and also memories of an old friend who had a lion cub for a while.

Seeing that story in the news about the couple in Kentucky is what reminded me of Chris N. and him having a lion cub in his apartment.

This is what bothers me about the memories of Chris' lion and prompted the title of this post:

I had totally forgotten about Chris N. and his lion, and the times I was over there with my older brother Paul. I mean that literally. I had not thought of that in over twenty years! Those memories are some cool and funny things. That I had forgotten about them is not cool or funny.

Don't you think something as strange as having a friend with a pet lion that you wrestled with and played with would be something you would think of often, if only to liven up a half-dead conversation with someone?

I can't do anything to change that I forgot this for so long, but I've been in a funk all day about it.

I mean, what other things have I totally forgotten?

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