Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Relaxing By The Pool

I mentioned a few posts back about having our screened enclosure that is around our swimming pool and covered back patio repaired from hurricane damage. Finally.

This past weekend with its 'Chamber of Commerce' weather, Lovely Wife and I cleaned and swept and got the whole living area in the back yard into really nice shape. It made my back scream but almost any activity does. I deal with it.

And boy was all the work worth it. It has been unseasonably cool (highs in low 80's instead of mid 90's) in central Florida for five or six days now and with the breezes and clear blue skies laced with big puffy clouds, well, all we want to do is sit out back in our bug free environment. With the screened enclosure repairs, we had a pet door installed and have taught all the critters to use it, a bonus.

When I was a kid in Louisiana, only 'rich' people had swimming pools. In Florida even the low-end neighborhoods have lots of swimming pools. It's just part of the way of life down here. Our pool is really small, too small for laps or anything, but when it's all clean and the area around it is too, it's just a pleasure to be out there.

We just sit back there to eat and to listen to the birds and to the dogs barking at anything that moves. Breathing in the heavenly scent of our gardenias which are in full bloom. Everything is green and what can bloom is blooming. Spiffy neato.

It sure is a mighty fine way to unwind after a stressful day of engineering. Good vittles for supper on the back patio with Lovely Wife and the trained killer/attack poodle brigade.

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