Sunday, May 28, 2006

Picture Post, Sunday May 28, 2006

Here is a representative cross section of the slides I have been scanning. Some are my Father in Law's shots, and some are mine.

My Father in Law took this of their side of the family in around 1960-61. You won't care about the people, but I put it here so you could check out all of the old cars.
This is one of Lovely Wife (right) and a cousin with Lovely Wife's new Beagle.

A cool red sunset one evening at a rest area off I-20 near Meridian, Mississippi in November of 1982.

A Studebaker Golden Hawk I took a picture of at a service station in Birmingham, AL, in November of 1982.

This is one of my parent's slides of me, Big Brother (on seat), and Big Sister on a family vacation to Florida in summer 1966.

Another of my parent's slides of Big Brother, Big Sister, and me on a family vacation to Florida in summer 1966. I wasn't saluting, the sun was killing my eyes.

I was out taking pictures of flood waters near Monroe, Louisiana around February, 1983. I set the camera on a picnic table and took a picture of myself. That would make me just over 20 years old here.

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