Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cute. Cheap. Lust.

This might mean I'm a total wimp,
but I don't care.

I simply MUST visit this site every day: Cute Overload

If the following picture makes you smile, you'll start going there every day too. They update it a LOT.

I Finally Stopped Being A Cheapskate,
and started using a top quality razor to shave my face.

I have, from time to time, been given a free Gilette Mach III, or Schick Quattro razor, or whatever is the new razor of the week. I absolutely loved using them but TOTALLY couldn't bring myself to plunk down the approximately $2 per replacement cartridge.

Consequently, I have lived with daily nicks and cuts for years.

I broke down this week and bought me some Schick Quattro cartridges for my spiffy lookin', easy to grip Schick handle.

I still feel guilty for spending so much on what seems so little, but every morning this week so far, NOT ONE NICK OR SCRAPE AND MY AFTERSHAVE NO LONGER BURNS LIKE I'M USING SULFURIC ACID.

Sometimes it's worth it to buy the best. Although I'm a bit dissapointed that strange women haven't come up and rubbed my cheeks like they always do in razor commercials.

P.S. Do women feel this way about shaving their legs? I know that bobos on my legs don't hurt like cuts on my face.

I Have Lust In My Heart
I am totally lusting after the new Nikon D200 digital SLR camera.

They are so popular that Nikon can't keep up with the demand. I'm trying to come up with a scheme wherein I have the chutzpah (and the $2500) to buy the camera body and lens I want.

Note: Please see cheapskate reference above about my inability to buy good razors for 20 years.

I have always wanted a true cutting edge, top of the line, SLR camera and have always just settled for what would get me by.

I'm thinkin', after my success in buying two dollar razor cartridges, that, if I could come up with $2500, I just might do it.

I like to think I would anyway.

Just think about it. For ONCE in my life to buy myself the very best version of something I really want, instead of settling for a used version of a model that will just get me by.

Oh well. It's fun to dream, anyway. (Isn't she a beauty?)

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