Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wordy Wednesday (with Photos!) #1

Lots of folks do a thing called Wordless Wednesday, it's a meme thingy like the Thursday Thirteen I participate in. Most people put up one or two photos and no words, and go visit each other and comment.

The reason that I've never joined and started participating in Wordless Wednesday is that I can't seem to post a photograph without just a little bit of context, which requires words.

I've stopped putting very many photos on this blog, or at least not nearly as many as I once did because I started my second blog which is a photography one. But I thought I would try to start putting up a few pics in the middle of the week to kind of balance out the Sunday Picture Posts I've been doing on this blog every week for over a year now.

Plus, the Thursday Thirteen thing is by far the hardest post day of the week for me, trying to visit as many of my blog friend's blogs as I can during Thursdays. I don't need the added pressure of trying to visit a whole bunch of folks on Wednesdays too, so I'll keep mine informal. Words AND pictures.

Without further ado:

Sebastian Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean.

Another view of Sebastian Inlet and the Atlantic Ocean.

Two photos of a really nifty, custom painted VW Beetle. Not exactly my personal style, but stylish nonetheless.

These were all taken within the confines of Sebastian Inlet State Park. It's about a 35-45 minute drive from my home, because half the distance is driving either north or south from where I live to get to one causeway or another across the Indian River Lagoon, and then backtracking either north or south to the Inlet Park, depending on which way I feel like driving on any given day.

This is my favorite place to go to the beach even though it's a bit of a drive compared to the closer beaches. This is one place where you can have the beauty of both the Indian River Lagoon or the Atlantic Ocean in one, easy to walk, safe location.


katherine. said...

I love the Beach as well....but mostly the one on the left coast! smile. nice shots.

Qtpies7 said...

Those are gorgeous, as usual! And its making me miss our trip to the beach last year.
I hope you are feeling good after your procedure!
I have a doosey of a Thursday Thirteen after my routine cleaning visit to my dentist today that took almost 3 hours and an emergency trip to a surgeon.

Scribbit said...

Looks beautiful, what a great place for a summer vacation.

Travis said...

I do like the Wordless Wednesday sometimes, but I think I prefer the pictures with captions so I know what I'm seeing.