Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #48

13 More Stupid Questions and Answers About Me

Still stealing meme questions from other people's blogs to keep up with Thursday Thirteen.

1. If you were a bicycle, would you be a stingray or a mountain bike? Stingray. Because then, I would be the fondest childhood memories of some folks. The kind of memories you want to go back and relive. Who remembers their mountain bike fondly? I rest my case. (Here's a pic of me and my Sears Gremlin, Stingray style bike when I was a wee lad.)

2. What is your least favorite fruit? Do raisins count as fruit? My blog, my rules. I hereby declare, and do affirm, that raisins are my most hated fruit. (I would have said figs but I haven't seen a real fig in over twenty years, I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for raisins lurking in cookies, carrot cake, and Lord help us, cinnamon rolls.)

3. What kind of fruit have you never had? Horned melon, or Kiwano, that I've seen in the grocery stores here in Florida. Looks neato, but I've never eaten it.

4. If you won a $5,000 shopping spree to any store, which store would you pick? Suncoast Bicycles in Inverness, FL. It is the closest bicycle shop to where I live in Florida that is an authorized dealer for CO MOTION brand bicycles. I'd go there, be measured, sized up, and order myself a custom CO MOTION Americano touring bicycle.

5. What brand sports apparel do you wear the most? Nike I guess. I prefer Nike's shoes, but that's just the brand that works and looks best for me. No real zeal behind that choice, totally practicality.

6. Are/were you a good student? Overall I'd say yes. Definitely was when I went back to school for my engineering degree. I was much more mature, plus, if you fall behind in math or science, you're dead meat because they are linearly learned. Things like history you can just pick up wherever you come back to it. Math and sciences are built precept on precept so if you miss something, you won't understand the next thing that is built upon that previous thing.

7. Among your friends, who could you arm wrestle and beat? You continually surprise me. There you go, assuming I have friends. I have none. The question is moot.

8. If you had to choose, what branch of the military would you be in? Navy. My Dad was in the Navy and I always leaned toward it as my choice, but am now too old, fat, and broken down to be of any use to them.

9. Would you ever parachute out of a plane? In my younger days, yes. Now, no. I don't think my back or hips could take the landing.

10. What do you think is your best feature? These are the kinds of questions I really hate, because how could I possibly answer without sounding like a conceited moron? OK, here goes, my sexy legs my desire to improve myself, my health, my knowledge; I want to continually get better at everything I do.

11. If you were to win a grammy, what kind of music would it be for? Best Gospel-Rock album like Audio Adrenaline did with their final album, Until My Heart Caves In, earlier this year before disbanding.

12. What is your favorite season? Now, here in Florida, I'd say Fall. There are a handful of trees with color, the temperature is cooler but still plenty warm for doing things, and the sunsets get better in the fall than Spring or Summer. Yeah, Fall.

13. How many members do you have in your immediate family? I'll go with five. Actually, this isn't an easy question. It could be three because there are myself, Lovely Wife, and Number Two Daughter in the house right now. Number One Daughter moved in with Sis in Law after Mother in Law passed away, but that's only on the next street over. So I could say five too.

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amy said...

another fun tt! and yes, raisins are a fruit! Haha! I have to bookmark you!

Robin said...

Great idea for a TT. I can't begin to guess what a horned melon is, but whatever it is if it's a melon I'm sure to be deathly allergic anyway.

GarthTrekker said...

Fall in Florida? Hmm, that would be a cool cool thing! Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud

Julie said...

Yes! Another great list! How many custom bikes would you get for that $5,000?

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

Florida has seasons?

impworks said...

I'd parachute from a plane but only if it was going to crash. Great TT :-)

JAM said...

Julie, sad to say, but a custom bicycle is quite expensive. The CO MOTION Americano I want would ring up at around $3000. That's why I would use my gift certificate to any store for that. I would never spend that much on a bicycle unless it were free. I have a fantasy of doing a bicycle tour all the way across the US. A full-figure guy like myself needs a sturdy steed.

MamaLee said...

horned melon, eh?

GREAT list!

Happy TT!

Qtpies7 said...

I actually like all these memes, they are a fun way to learn things about each other.
1. I would NOT be a bicycle, thank you very much.
2. Star fruit are not all that tasty.
3. I don't know, maybe a persimmon? Not sure I've had one of those. Are they are fruit?
4. Those bicycles prices are INSANE!!!! Hello!!!!
5. Sports apparel? Sports? REally?
6. I was horrible in real school, but in college I was a 4.0 until my last class, which brought me to a 3.98. And I was TICKED off!
7. No friends? What am I, chopped liver? But you better not arm wrestle me, dude.
8. My brother is in the Navy. My dad was in the army, my mom and my husband, too. My grandpa was in the air force. And my cousin in the marines. I would choose none of the above, but if it was choose or have it chosen, I'd go for the Air Force.
9. If I had to jump or die, I'd jump, otherwise why be stupid?
10. Your right, this is an awful question. On so many levels. I'd say my whole body, because it is really awesome, so awesome I protect it with lots of padding!
11. Umm, NO ONE would give me a Grammy, in any kind of music. This I am sure of!
12. Any season that I need to stay in the house, hot, cold, warm, cool, rainy, sunny. It doesn't matter.
13. Its funny how my parents and siblings were my immediate family but now they are not? In my house there are 8 people besides me.
I think your kids are your immediate family, even if they don't life at home.

tommiea said...

what a fun TT....your stingray bicycle comments took my back to my childhood....riding down the dirt road to my grandma's on my new bike!

happy TT

Suprina said...

What a great TT!

Great to know more about you.

Happy TT!

The Rock Chick said...

Where do you find all these interesting memes? I always get the ones that require only 3 word answers or ask me questions about where my cell phone is at the current moment :)

I have a special TT today about everything happening on my blog on Saturday for Blogathon 2007! Hope you'll stop by!

Happy TT!
Jessica The Rock Chick

Christine said...

Where do you find these questions?
And yes, another Fun 'Get to know JAM' TT!!

The only way I like raisins is in Raisin Bran other, than that I don't like them in my cookies either.

Hope you are having a fun Thursday!

Travis said...

**gasp of horror**

I went to Starbucks the other day and picked up a bran muffin with my trendy coffee drink.

No big you say?? Well my friend, there were raisins in the muffin!!


Never ever ever have a bran muffin from Starbucks!! Got that!!


I don't hate on raisins, but they don't belong in my bran muffin.

Di said...

Immediate family? Is that the members of my family who need me immediately? Or the members of my family who feel that I need to respond immediately to their every need? Different answers for all.

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