Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ain't Got Nothin' Fer Ya

I received a new computer yesterday.

It's a Dell XPS 410, with a 20inch digital flat panel monitor.

I spent the evening after work putting it up and getting it sorta set up. I still have a long way to go, and a lot of software to load, so I used my time getting the new computer up and running instead of writing anything for the blog.

Our old computer was so slow, it wouldn't even download video. All attempts ended in jumpy video, and it took so long to open the big photograph files I work with, that I was about to go nuts, or just give up.

I'm hoping that the power of this new guy will allow me to have better photo output and for the first time, to be able to download and make DVDs of the squillion or so hours of video we want to archive.

I've been posting pictures regularly on my photography blog, so y'all can go over there for a couple of new pics.

I'll try to have something written to post here on Wednesday, OK?


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Hammer said...

Good luck with the New PC and be sure to check out AVG anti spyware and virus protection.

It's free, updates regularly and works really well.