Saturday, November 04, 2006

Some Slides For Saturday

I've been able to scan a few more slides in among everything else.

This first one is of the Ouachita River in Monroe, Louisiana. It was taken when the river was nearly completely over the levee. You can see the road in front of me than one would normally drive over the levee and along the river just leads to nowhere.

The next four slides were from a trip in 1983 to Gulf Shores, Alabama that I went on with Lovely Fiance and her family.

A footprint from my Bride-to-be and me.

During the summer, local businesses would hire airplanes to pull advertising signs through the air up and down the beach. The plane would disappear and then later show back up with a different sign. All. Day. Long.

I framed the morning sun and beach combers with a section of a pier.

This was the view from just outside our hotel rooms, looking across the road toward the Gulf of Mexico. The lighthouse looked neat to me, though it wasn't a real working lighthouse.


faustina said...

beautiful photos, i am always impressed with how well slides hold up. I love the feet photo, its funny because at first glance I thought the person making those imprints had strangly sized feet!

Wingnut said...

Great stuff! I am intrigued with the feet in the sand also, next time I go to the beach I am going to play with htis concept if you don't mind, it's very cool, i can envision my husband and I's foot prints with daughters all over around them! The framed pier is also lovely and esp caught my eye.

Great to hear lovely wife is doing well in your last post, I hope she continues to recover well!

Emily said...

Hey, I always wondered what those planes that carries banners with them were for. Advertising, now I know. That's sort of ridiculous =P

JAM said...

Thanks everyone. I usually post pics on Sunday and tend to write more during the week, but since I'm attempting NaNoWriMo this month, there will be more photos.

I do not guarantee the highest quality though, I'm scanning slides, and if there are decent photos, those will probably be put on here. If the set I'm scanning is of lower quality, I'll just try to fluff them up in Photoshop Elements and post them anyway.

P.S. You can't really tell in the airplane photo, but his sign is advertising a hypnotist perfoming at a bar that night.