Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Few Words About The Election

The Republicans have had power for twelve years. It's now over.

The Democrats ran without even having a platform other than, "Hey. Elect us. We don't really have anything to offer, but we're not Republican." And they won in a landslide.

I am a conservative voter, registered Republican, and I voted for Republicans, but I did not lose even ten seconds of sleep over the election last night.

See, I believe the election was owned by the Republicans, in that, it was their's to lose. The Republicans did not live up to their promises of small government, fiscal responsibility, and security.

The size of the federal government has grown, as has the debt, and we still have borders that leak like a seive, and in fact, the Republicans were acting like Democrats on the whole illegal alien issue.

The Democrats won this election fair and square, just not for any good reason; they won as protests against the Republicans.

Congratulations Democrats, good luck.

See, one of the lessons I've learned since I became a man, is that overall, Washington politicians really don't have much effect in my life. I think politics is important, and I stay aware of issues, and I vote my conscience, but in the end, I still have to get up, go to work, wash the car, buy groceries and all that stuff. In other words, whether my chosen side wins or loses, it doesn't impact my daily life very much.

I lived through the Carter years while in high school. I lived through the Clinton years while in college the second time, and for a few years afterward.

Most of my adult life, I was a registered independent, and have voted for conservative Democrats in the past; but the days of the conservative Democrat have pretty much come and gone, they usually vote with the extreme liberals when it comes time to vote in congress and senate.

The lesson I learned best is that my own actions, my own dreams, my own determination is what points my life in various directions and propells me forward. Not who is in office, nor what party dominates American politics.

But I have to caution my liberal friends (yes I really have some) out there, I think you were snookered in this election.

Last night, WAY before all the results were in, both Howard Dean, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, and Dick Gephardt, former Congressman, said on air that really, even though the Democrats are in power again, that there's not really anything they can do about Iraq. It takes the President to do something about Iraq.

I was incredulous. I mean, wasn't this whole election a referendum on changing direction in Iraq? Yes. And then two of the biggest hitters in the Democratic party admit, before the election's even done, admit that they really can't do anything about Iraq?

Holy Cow, people!

Jeesh. They're not even in office yet, that happens in January, but they're already campaining for the 2008 Presidential election?

Because, make no mistake, that's what Dean and Gephardt were saying, that hey, congress and senate control is good, but to REALLY be able to do anything, ya gotta elect a Democratic President.

In our politicians, Americans get exactly what we deserve. The next two years will be interesting to say the least.

Galatians 6:7 ...for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.


Leanne said...

Standing applause.

One thing I noticed locally - it wasn't a landslide by any means. Our governor, for example, better hold on tight - of over 3 million votes cast - he won just a *hair* over half of them. That means my state is leaning toward the big (R), which it never has before. It was neck & neck a lot of places, and I hope that means something to those elected officials. They JUST got in, and they have to represent the near half that DIDN'T choose them, too.

JAM said...

Yes, I agree that most individual races were extremely close, the landslide I referred to was the sheer numbers of House seats the Dems won. Pre-election projections were for about 20 seats, and maybe, just maybe enough Senate seats. Overall, it seems to have been a blow out.