Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Why Is It...

...almost every time I leave a comment on a blog, no matter how careful I am, I screw up the secret word (like qtbsiwm, or something), and have to try two or three times just to leave a comment? I know I'm not the sharpest pencil in the cup, and I'm not a very good typist, but dang, that's annoying!

...almost every time I try to type something into, say, Google, to do a search, I screw up the last letter or character, and hit 'search' before I can stop myself and end up doing a search on something nonsensical? And it is ALWAYS the last character I mess up on. But I heart that "did you mean to type xxxxxx, instead?" suggestion thingy it comes back with. It has saved me many a time. "Why yes, thank you. That's exactly what I meant."

...almost every time I put something in the microwave, and hit that spiffy 'one button startup', it doesn't work. Because the last person always stops the microwave with two seconds left, and didn't clear out the remaining time. So I end up having to clear out the remaining time, THEN start my own cookin'. Kinda kills the purpose of the whole one button operation option, doesn't it? This happens both at home and at work.

...that my big toe on my right foot always ends up making a hole in my socks, and eventually I end up with a situation where no matter how I switch them around, I have a toe with a hole nearby? Guess I'll have to start wearing tube socks like in the 70's so I'll have the option to flip it over. Or, I guess I could get my cheap butt down to Walmart and buy some new socks, couldn't I? Never mind.

...that just because I talk slow, I have to hear slow too? I mean, I'm from Louisiana and I have a slow southern accent. But when I talk to someone, like the Cingular lady yesterday morning who talked VERY fast, I need to ask them to repeat themselves. I not only talk slow, I hear slow!

...that adding a fancy "E" to the end of your store name means you get to charge more for the cheap junk you sell? Why does a cherry sucker in a Candy Shoppe cost more than one at, say, the grocery store? No wonder you went out of business.

...that Denny's wants you to pay a premium price for a simple hamburger just because they now call them "Gourmet" burgers? Money grubbin' thieves! It's a HAMBURGER, people!

...that the Sun UNIX keyboard is laid out slightly different than every other keyboard with every other computer in every place on the planet? I go back and forth all day between UNIX and Windows computers and Control and Caps Lock are reversed in place, and the backspace on one is a row up or down compared to the other, among other things, with the result that I spend half my day correcting typing errors because I just switched computers! It's total typing mayhem. (I know I've mentioned this before, a while back, but this is every day! For years!)

...that I'm such a huge wimp and Can. Not. Touch. My. Eyeball., AT ALL, therefore I have never seriously considered getting contact lenses?

...I like both Heavy Metal and Smooth Jazz? This confuses my children. And they are 17 and 20 years old. Good thing that I'm in charge of the stereo when I drive, right? My daughters must be thinkin', "is he Mellow-Dad this morning, or I'm-getting-A-Tatoo-This-Morning Dad?" whenever we get in the car. Now that I think about it, it's probably to my advantage to keep 'em guessing.

...that all of the stuff I think of to complain about is so minor?

Cheese-Whiz, I've become a girly-man!!


Emily said...

You know, lately I've been having so much trouble with the 'qtbsiwm' thing that I had to go look up your post and comment about it.

It's so annoyingly ridiculous! I swear, I put in the letters exactly, but I have to do it over again! lol I used to be good at it before, but now I almost pretty much accept I'm gonna have to put in the letters twice. lol!

JAM said...

It still does it to me too. And I go slow and make sure of myself. The only thing I can figure is that maybe Blogger has us do it twice to help thwart automatic spam generators. Maybe they are sophisticated enough to get past a single input, so Blogger throws two at them (and us).