Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #3

Thirteen Useless Facts About Me And My Life (so far)

1. One of my great grandfathers was a moonshiner. Scout's honor. I'll try to remember to write a post about him someday.

2. Fax machines stress me out. I once sent a 13 page fax. It was facing the wrong way, so the other end received 13 blank pages. This was at work with lots of people waiting at both ends. I sent a 'test' fax last week to Lovely Wife that took me six tries to get it right (kept dialing the wrong number). I forgot that my end spits out a copy as well, and the office Loud Guy found them and read (loudly): Love, John xxxxoooo. oops

3. I came within a hair of joining the U.S. Navy my senior year in high school. I took the physical and math tests to join their nuclear progam, and passed everything, but decided to give college a try before committing myself to 6 years in the Navy.

4. I wear size 14 shoes.

5. I luuuv watches, but although I'm a digital engineer, I much prefer analog watches (with big and little hands) to digital readout ones. But I HATE watches with Roman numerals on them.

6. My first crush as a kid was for Raquel Welch. The sad thing is, she still looks great at 94 while I look like a train wreck a 43. Go figure. OK, she's not 94, but she does still look great.

7. On the subject of crushes; I always thought, and still do, that Mary Ann was way better looking than Ginger.

8. I went to high school with Bubby Brister, who was John Elway's backup quarterback the two years the Denver Broncos won the Superbowl. I'm really glad for him, that he has two championship rings, though he probably wouldn't remember me even if you showed him my picture in the yearbook. His real name is Walter.

9. When I was young, I enjoyed building models of cars and airplanes and such. Mmmm. Testor's glue smell.

10. I received a John Brodie autograph model football on my thirteenth birthday.

11. I use a little bitty, teardrop shaped, 'jazz' pick when I play guitar. The regular picks that most of the world uses have too much real estate for me, and it moves around to where I have to stop and regrip it. With the jazz picks, I never have this problem.

12. I part my hair on the right side, sort of. I comb it back while wet, and it naturally parts right of center. I go with that part and then blow dry. So my part moves around depending on where the natural part falls on any given day. I'm definitely not one of those guys with a geometrically perfect part that looks like they used a t-square.

13. I hate to watch surgery shows on TV. I'm not very squeamish, but I can't watch it. Lovely Wife does though.

Bonus 14th Useless Fact: I was a KISS fan in the 70's, but eventually moved on.

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Dane Bramage said...

Oo!Oo! First! Yea!

I love Raquel Welch. I was just trying to explain roller derby to a 21 year old. We used to have a team that came through here and Cleveland and Canton. I saw them a few times live. Anyway the movie "Kansas City Bomber" came up. One of our team members was an extra in the film.

Thanks for sharing. And thanks for stopping by my T13.

Suzy said...

I love your list...and admitting to faxing like you did cracked me up and reminded me of when I did the same thing! lol

Marti said...

Funny list, the fax machine cracked me up! LOL

Doug Hoffman said...

Here's a second vote for Mary Ann over Ginger. Woo baby. And that Mrs. Howell . . .


Thanks for visiting my 13. 2 cents said...

Interesting list! I love watching surgeries and all things medical.

Have a great Thursday!!

Heather Smith said...

Very interesting list! You've led a very interesting life thusfar!

Southern Girl said...

Aww, I'd watch surgery shows with Lovely Wife -- doesn't bother me seeing somebody's innards as long as they aren't mine! ;)

Thanks for visiting my TT!

Sue said...

LOL! Great list.

Parting hair with a T square, you've just described my dad. And the fax machine thing cracked me up because it is somthing my boss would do.

Interesting bit about the watches. I, myself, drain watch batteries. I've been told it is something about my body chemistry or something. *shrugs shoulders*