Wednesday, August 30, 2006

If You Are The Praying Type...

Number One Daughter, Rebekah, is having surgery on Thursday to have a large cyst in one of her ovaries removed. It's way too big to do via arthroscopy, so they are going in the old fashioned way. They may have to take out her ovary on that side.

She will probably be mortified that I wrote it out like that on here, but I want to ask those of you who pray, to pray for her.

Her surgery is supposed to begin around 1:30pm on Thursday.

Thank you.

In happier news, it looks like Ernesto is not very powerful, though it's projected track will bring it's center right over us.

We'll see as the day goes on.

1 comment:

Anomaly said...

I'm not, but I will.

Best wishes, Rebekah.