Monday, February 18, 2008

Stupid Seat Belt Laws and Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program

Warning: Rant ahead. Enter at your own risk.

We have the Iranians, who have said they're gonna wipe Israel off the map, and yet, even as I type this, the Iranians are working lickety-split to built nuclear bombs.

When America makes threatening statements about Iran's threats and their nuclear program, then the entire "civilized" world shouts America down.

So now we're all just sitting around, waiting and doing NOTHING to stop Iran as their nuclear program, supplied by Russia, kicks into high gear.

It makes me sick to think about how spineless America and the so-called civilized world is.

Then this weekend on the news, I kept hearing about film of Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Miley, in a vehicle without seat belts.

Consumer Reports (What?!) publicly chastises her for not wearing her seat belt.

And then I keep hearing about Miley and Billy Ray's seat belt scandal on TV, and when I look at the news on the internet, I kept reading about Miley and Billy Ray's seat belt scandal.

Seriously? This is big news?

First off, I think seat belt laws are some of THE stupidest laws anywhere on this planet.

It's one of those things that local and national politicians can pontificate about how these laws are necessary and how they save lives.

Fact is, seat belt laws are just another tax on stupid people.

Seat belt laws overall are only good for cash-strapped police forces. It's an easy $cha-ching$ for the local police funds. That's the ONLY reason for seat belt laws.

If people are too stupid to, or willfully ignore seat belt laws, then that's their own stupid fault.

But what makes my skin crawl is just how judgmental the people of this country have become over things like wearing a seat belt, to the point where when a famous fifteen year old girl gets caught on film not wearning one, it becomes national news.

I have worn seat belts since WAY before it became law to wear one. I personally dug the seat belts out of the cracks of our car's seats when I got my drivers license, and started using them. My friends as a teen all laughed at me and made fun of me, but I never cared. Seat belts make sense to me, so I've always worn them. Don't need fear of a stupid fine to get me to wear one, I WANT to survive an accident if I have one. Doesn't take calculus to figure that one out.

But on the other hand, we see Iran's dramatic increase in the speed of their nuclear "energy" program and millions around the world stand and shout, leave them alone, they have the right. My biggest problem with that is that Iran itself is practically floating on crude oil, enough to last many generations, yet it's vital to them to have a "peaceful" nuclear program. Yeah. Right.

I went to Louisiana public schools, and even I am not THAT dumb.

So here we are, in this increasingly stupid country, America, where voices are raised in loud, arrogant chastisement of a fifteen year old singer not wearing a seat belt.

And we intentionally whistle through the cemetery while Iran steadily builds it's unneeded nuclear "energy" program because so much of the world is too gutless to call them on it, even after verbally threatening the destruction of Israel.

I tell y'all, we're going to end up with a world so screwed up that there will be no way out.

Freak out about unworn seat belts when that is so unimportant an issue that I sincerely wonder about the sanity of Americans, all the while we willfully ignore the playground bully building nuclear weapons.

Not Important: Miley Cyrus seen in public not wearing a seat belt.

Important: Iran's nuclear weapons program being willfully ignored.

God? Help us all. Please? The patients have taken control of the asylum.


Big Doofus said...

If we could just send the Iranians some seat belts. THAT would take care of everything.

JAM said...

Big Doofus. See? That's one of the beauties of blogging. I had the foundation of a good idea all laid out there, but just couldn't make the connection.

Then you read this, intuition and genius combine, and BAM!, "Send the Iranians some seat belts." and the way out for this crazy world is solved.

Thanks Dude.

Maybe now I can sleep tonight.

Hammer said...

Our media is usually inept and bent on feeding us garbage than real news.

It seems to be working because I think most people will believe whatever TV tells tem.

Marsha (Big Sis) said...

OMG, I've been ranting about the seat belt thing too! It was a movie, for heavens sake! Since when do people take everything in a movie seriously? This makes me sick and even madder that Miley & Billy Ray apologized for it!

As Earl Pitts says "Wake Up, America".

Big Doofus said...

I do what I can for the benefit of mankind (and to make a buck).

Alicia said...

I agree. Most television and internet news is so superficiall, so hollywood... I find alot more truth and political sense in talk radio, like Rush, Beck, Hannity... but that's just my opinion.

~**Dawn**~ said...

And while we're at it, Congress should get involved with whether or not the game of football is being played honestly. I am not saying this as a Patriots fan, but rather that if the Patriots did something "illegal", then it should be addressed by the NFL. Not by politicians who are being paid with *my* tax dollars. the American publis deserves to watch an honest game of football. I would like to take Miley's seat belt & tie Specter's mouth shut with it. Or perhaps mail him to Iran.

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