Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Ballentimes Day, and Boring Political Stuff

An increasingly common problem with me lately is that I don't have anything of note to say.

So I'll start today's ramble by saying Happy Valentines Day to everyone. My daughters said it as "Ballentimes" Day when they were little. That's how I still think of it.

I would rant about how it's just a made up holiday and that it doesn't really mean anything, but no matter what, I usually end up with some tasty chocolate that I didn't have before hand, so that alone makes it sorta worthwhile.

I love me some chocolate.

Viva Valentines Day!

I think there is a really strong possibility that the race for the Democratic Presidential candidate is going to get ugly.

Uglier than it already is, I mean.

Right now, Barack Obama has a slim lead in Democratic delegates to the Democratic Presidential Convention coming up this summer.

Still up in the air are the delegates for the states that have yet to have either a Democratic caucus or primary to determine whether Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama get their state's delegates to the Democratic convention.

The way I see things playing out, if there is no heavy favorite going into the Democratic Convention, then I would have to lean toward Hilary Clinton walking out of there with the nomination.

Why? Especially when Mr. Obama seems to be on a hot streak right now?

Being President is what Hilary Clinton has worked toward as a personal goal for 35 years now.

It's why she has put up with Bill's shenanigans all these years; to become President of the United States herself.

To the Clintons, IT IS HILARY'S TURN.

Plain and simple. Mrs. Clinton, Bill, and those working for her campaign firmly believe that it's her turn and I personally believe that she will pull out every stop, and call in each and every favor owed to the Clintons in her quest to fulfill this life goal of hers to become President.

Plus, this is realistically her only shot at it.

Mrs. Clinton is 60 years old. She will not ever have another chance this good of becoming the US President.

She will try every option, good or bad. Four years from now, she'll be fighting against an incumbent President, and will be 64. Her party will pass her up for someone else.

Frankly I'm surprised at McCain's support at this point if for no other reason than he's older than the typical Presidential candidate.

Right or wrong, a 64 year old woman (or 68 in 2016) stands almost no chance of winning either party's Presidential nomination.

Mr. Obama is young. He has lots of years ahead where, if he fails to be elected President in 2008, he can still run for the office.

Again, this is Hilary Clinton's ONLY shot at becoming President. It's what she has worked her whole adult life for, first to see Bill become President, and as soon as his two terms were over, they both started actively working to set her up to win the Presidency.

I firmly believe that she will never, ever step aside if Mr. Obama is ahead coming into the Democratic Convention.

I believe she will use every thing at her disposal to sway the "superdelegates" to tip the nomination for the Democratic Presidential Nominee, even if it totally rips apart the Democratic Party.

I would be absolutely shocked, if she gracefully stepped aside to let Obama win, when her life's goal and all the work and years she has put into becoming President herself is on the line.

If I've learned anything, it's that the Clinton's (both of them) think of the Clintons first, and the Democratic Party and America a distant second and third.

The mainstream media is kicking Hilary Clinton while she is down right now, but remember, she and Bill have many, many old Democratic cronies, that they will use in every way possible to try to stop Mr. Obama becoming the Democratic Party choice.

They have a "Clinton machine" that Mr. Obama does not have, and I personally still think that she can win the Democratic side of this year's Presidential race.

In a way, I kind of pity Mr. Obama and those who have fallen under his spell if Mrs. Clinton manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

There will be crying and gnashing of teeth if she wins by using old, white, Democratic power brokers.

But I truly believe she will do so if that's what it takes.

Hilary Clinton believes she's entitled to the Presidency. She won't let an upstart like Mr. Obama win if theres anything at all, or any person at all, that she can use to secure herself as the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

I think that the Democratic race for President in 2008 is going to be more juicy this year than any soap opera ever conceived.


Hammer said...

The kids like it, I can take it or leave it. The candy I can tolerate :)

Big Doofus said...

The kids like "it"? What is "it"? Hillary or Obama?

Sharon Lynne said...

Obama sure makes a lot of promises. I can't believe that HE BELIEVES he can accomplish all of that.

Thanks for your thoughts relating to my son's job. It was interesting to read about your experience. You were a hard worker--at a young age.