Friday, February 08, 2008

Dear Ronald McDonald

From now on, when I stop in and buy a double cheeseburger from the dollar menu, could you please spread the pickle slices out on the sandwich?

It's a bummer to bite into it and get all the pickles in one bite because they were stacked on top of one another, and then not have any dill goodness on the rest of the burger.

I hate trying to peel the burger apart to do this myself because all the cheese sticks to the bread and tears up the burger.

It would be better if you could just do that when you're making the burger in the store.

So, if you could distribute the pickles out more, that would be great.


P.S. I think many others would agree with me on this.


Babystepper said...

It's those yellow gloves. He has a hard time picking out individual pickles so he just grabs them in a chunk.

photowannabe said...

You are so right. the more dill the better I always say. My Hubby always gives me his so I do have to tear the sandwich apart to stuff them in.

Hammer said...

I tell em pickles on the side.

JAM said...

Hammer, with all due respect, asking for something like pickles on the side at McDonald's has been proven to cause rips in the space-time continuum.

It just isn't done.

One of my teen years best friends hated onions, but loved McDonalds. He would go and order he and his father, who hated onions too, quarter pounders without onions and wait for them. I remember sitting there on McDonalds runs with him and although they would make them for him, they clearly didn't like the special order.

Marsha (Big Sis) said...

I'm so glad you brought this up. The world seems so worried about who our next president will be but there ARE more important things going on!

I've thought the same thing for years. Every now & then I crave just a plain little burger from McDonalds. However, you take one bite and there go your pickles! How hard would it be to spread the pickles out? Apparently this must a nationwide crisis and not just here in Monroe, La. Apparently the McDonald trainees are taking a break during the "how to apply the pickles" portion of Hamburger making 101.

Beverly said...

I love it. What can you expect for a dollar? I went through a drivethrough the other day, ordered my burrito and coffee. My change was three dollars, and the girl at the window handed it to me wadded up. Yuck! And the creamer and Equal were not in the bag as I had asked. At least I'm glad it wasn't in the coffee.

The one I usually go to is the best, but this one didn't win any points with me.

I love the other comments here.