Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Real Me Is In My "Man Corner"

I mentioned my Man Corner in yesterday's post. (That's a picture of My Man Corner there on the right. Click to enlarge and see it in all it's glory.)

(Some lucky men have a Man Room. Our house is under 1500sq feet, so I have a Man Corner instead. It's small, but it's mine.)

This story happened Sunday night like yesterday's post.

I try to take my pain medicine for my back at work as much as I can. If I'm at home and I hurt, then I can lay down, sit on a heating pad, get a back rub with Ben Gay from Lovely Wife, or whatever, or just do nothing, none of which is an option when I'm at work.

But Sunday, the hurting was getting to me enough that, with the need to get the wedding photos that I shot a week ago finished, I broke down and took a couple of pain pills and muscle relaxers.

When they kicked in, I felt like a human, and the real me briefly emerged.


I was sitting there photoshopping the wedding photos, had MusicMatch Jukebox going with Donald Fagen's Kamakiriad CD, as well as some Sting songs.

Apparently I was, unaware of it myself, bobbing and weaving to the music, AND (horror of horrors!) singing they lyrics. Out loud.

Number Two Daughter comes walking in there, and says, "What has gotten into you?!"

Not understanding what she meant, I asked, "What do you mean?"

She said, "You're singing and bobbing up and down and everything!"

Lovely Wife said, "He took two pain pills and two muscle relaxers."

I said, "Yeah! This is the REAL ME when my back and leg aren't hurting."

"You know; Happy!"

She just laughed.

I get a few hours of relief from the hurting when I take the pain meds, but since I don't do it at home that much, I guess only the circuit cards that I work with are the ones that mostly get to spend time with the real me.

But for a little while there, the real me was juking and jiving and singing in My Man Corner.

Maybe I should take my pain medicine when I know the whole family is at home so the real (pain free) me can come out for them now and then.

Headlines For Total Geeks:

You're all probably familiar with the iRobot brand automatic vacuum cleaner, or their floor scrubbers called Roomba.

They have just started selling their newest automatic divice, the iRobot "Looj" automatic gutter cleaning robot.



Norma said...

We live on 3 floors, and almost the entire lower level is my husband's "man room," but since it was his office (self-employed) for 5 years, that's OK. Sorry about the back pain. Sitting is the worst, then standing, and relief comes flat out on the floor. Hard to work in that position; singing, well, I never tried that.

Qtpies7 said...

Pain killers! Good stuff!

You should save the happy you for family and the grumpy you for co-workers, lol. I know, you just need to function at work so you can support your fam.

Babystepper said...

Love the Man Corner. Poor Hubs doesn't have one of those yet. My dream is that we can make him a workshop someday, though. I especially found the toy cars intriguing.

Sorry about the back pain. I think you should save the pills for home and just have Lovely Wife come to work and give you a back rub. That would liven things up, wouldn't it!

CG said...

great to see where you blog from!! Would like to have seen you singing and bopping !!

photowannabe said...

Jiving and singing... Good stuff. So happy you were pain free for a while.
Have a good day anyway in your man corner.

katherine. said...

looks like a place you can be your self...when the drugs kick in....or

The Rock Chick said...

We have a tri-level and the lowest level is pretty much the hubby's domain. We have the 60" high def TV and th DVR down there. I'm usually down there watching with him, but I know, if we disagree on the show, I'm in the Man Domain and he gets the final pick :)

I think the only person who enjoys TV more than me is the hubby :)


Hammer said...

I share my man room with everyone now. My reloading bench is now a computer desk used for playing barbies grand adventure and I gave up half my desk for the wife's computer. I still have a gun closet and all my frazetta posters though.