Sunday, October 21, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday October 21, 2007

Growing up in Louisiana, Spanish moss in big old oak trees was just part of the scenery. Everywhere. I still get a charge out of seeing Spanish moss in big trees. It's some sort of ingrained emotion that makes me think of the area where I grew up.

This tree filled with Spanish moss was in a local park.

I saw several of these trees in the park, but wasn't able to figure out what kind they were. The smooth bark almost made these slender trees look as if they had been stripped of all their bark. I liked how their reddish-brown color stood out in the forest.

If you look carefully at this next photo, you see what appears to be on huge horizontal branch of a tree with another large tree growing straight up behind it. That's NOT what it is. The tree that appears to grow normally behind the horizontal branch of another tree is itself a humongous branch growing straight up out of the horizontal one. Look carefully and you cannot see any tree trunk from the horizontal branch to the ground.

I was amazed that this big horizontal branch could levitate in the air five or so feet off the ground with what must be a tremendous weight of that massive vertical branch. I thought at first it was simply an optical illusion based on my position, but I walked around and confirmed that this weird looking thing is just that, simply weird.

Yet another of the many, many sunset photos I have. I really like this one because when I first started work down here I used to bring my lunch from work and eat right here at this scene on the Indian River Lagoon. I've seen all manner of water fowl and even dolphins and manatees sitting right here. Of course there's no sunset at noon, but it's awfully pretty here during the day too.

I've milked the white ibis photos I took at the library here recently for all they are worth. Here's one more. I just liked the way they were almost in the same position and how they were reflected in the water there.

Have a great Sunday!


Qtpies7 said...

I think spanish moss on a tree looks creepy.
You should read what my son Drew wrote about moss on his new blog, I laughed and laughed at him.

Babystepper said...

I love the trees.

katherine. said...

the tree in the second photo may be Madrone or Manzanita?

photowannabe said...

Great pictures John. Indian River looks like a perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset or as you do, just eat your lunch.
I agree it looks like manzanita or madrone too. I have a small one growing outside my diningroom window that looks simular.