Sunday, October 28, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday October 28, 2007

In the past month or so I have posted some panoramic shots. I have been going back as I felt the desire to the highest quality images that make up each panorama, and have been creating new ones with these higher quality images. The one's I posted originally were made with low resolution JPEGs, and while they looked good, I wanted to use the RAW images and recreate them so that I would have the best quality of these panoramas that I could get.

Here's another one. This is at Ocean Park in Melbourne Beach, Florida. It's one of the nicer beach parks around here, yet one of the closest ones from our home. We can be on this beach in about 20 minutes from our house. It's not an exciting photo, no killer sunrise or anything, but I wanted it to look like it does when we go there for a day on the sand. Lovely Wife has picked me up from work many a lunch time and we came here to eat. They have a small pavilion above the beach with a great view. It was a nice, hot day when I took this (these) photo, kinda late in the afternoon, but still, see how few people were on this beach?

Since the above panorama was taken in the city of Melbourne Beach, Florida, I thought I'd throw in a couple of other Melbourne Beach images. This one is the pier that has been the star of many of the photos I've posted on here.

Here's another in Melbourne Beach. The street in this photo curves 90degrees to the left just past the blue building and goes striaght east for about a mile and takes you right into Ocean Park where the panorama above was taken. It's an easy walk and a beautiful little town out there.

This final shot was taken in a park in Melbourne, Florida called Erna Nixon Park. It's just a few miles from where I work and have gone there and walked on the boardwalk that winds through the park. It's a nature park, showing natural Florida, not a swings and slides kind of park. These palm trees crossing one another caught my eye.

Have a great Sunday, folks!


Norma said...

As usual, your photos sparkle and your explanations are superb. Must be rough eating lunch on the beach.

Hammer said...

I was thinking to myself that your pics look like they come from a travel brochure.

Most places I've been, I would have to go pick up trash before I could be able to take a nice shot.

Anonymous said...

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