Sunday, October 07, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday October 7, 2007

Yeah, it's another panorama, but I made this one from the highest quality versions of the photos that were assembled to make it. My previous attempts, the ones I've put on here lately were from lower quality JPEGs just to see how the panoramas would come out.

I've really liked them and am going back and starting to remake them, using the best quality versions of the photos.

This one is from one of our favorite spots to watch sunsets, so this one represents many hours of Lovely Wife at this park absorbing this view.

Have you ever seen an entire downtown in one building? Then you'll see that very thing in the next picture. Melbourne Beach, Florida has the Fire Department, the Town Hall, and the Police Department all located in one convenient and stylish building. Spiffy, eh?

Looking down a street in Melbourne Beach toward the Indian River Lagoon and the evening sky. If you compare that big cloud formation with the clouds in the panoramic photo above, you'll see that these photos were taken a few minutes apart from each other.

This massive and beautiful tree is in front of a wellness center. I think this is a type of mimosa, one of my favorite trees. I love the two different shades of leaves this tree has.

This plant was growing in this eye-level crook between branches of the mimosa tree in the above photo.

Have a great Sunday, folks!


Marsha (Big Sis) said...

Aw man, I love that first one! I love late afternoon and that one is exceptional! Wish I had been there with you to view it!

Moi said...

The panorama is a class act, John!!!

Meg in Nelson said...

You good!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the top one, and I can imagine you and Mrs Lovely sitting and watching and chatting, or not chatting.

katherine. said...

I really like the silver lining cloud

~**Dawn**~ said...

That top photo is... WOW. Like framed & hung on the wall WOW.