Friday, October 19, 2007

Geeks Win The Day!

Before recently, perverts and pedophiles could post pics of themselves doing their unspeakable acts on their victims on the internet, and not worry about identification because they digitally swirl their face and heads in the photos.

But just as some smart software geeks wrote the programs that allowed this to be done as a special effect in programs such as Photoshop, other geeks have come to the rescue by developing an algorithm and writing the code to un-swirl these monster's faces.

This guy has been on Interpol's list of folks they would like to have a chat with for a while now; a known pedophile.

And some enterprising software writers have undone the swirls of his face and head in the photos he's posted on the internet.

The last reports I read, they believe he's somewhere in Thailand, and that it will probably not be very long before he's caught.

An Associated Press article said this: "While Interpol declined to release the suspect's name, police in Thailand said a 32-year-old Canadian named Christopher Paul Neil is the person sought. "We believe he is still in Thailand and we are now collecting information from neighboring countries where he committed crimes of pedophilia so we can issue an arrest warrant for him," Thai police Col. Apichart Suribunya said."

I think that's a cool use of technology, and the brains behind it.

My Dad used to say there's a special place in hell for people like this creep.

I sure hope so.


Mert said...

Hooray for the geeks! Very cool.

Yup, I hope there is a special place in hell too.

Mert said...

They got him!

Babystepper said...

Just looking at that picture freaked me out, before I'd even read the post.
Glad he's been caught. Ick.

thethinker said...

That's definitely a useful piece of technology.

Julie said...

Good deal. Gotta love technology....most of the time at least.