Monday, October 15, 2007

Comrade Stalin Gore

It's tough being a conservative these days.

It was years ago that I realized that the Grammy's and the Academy Awards were "strangely" being won by folks with ultra left political leanings. (Photo credit: Cornelius Poppe/European Pressphoto Agency)

So the Grammy's and the Oscar's have long been a big yawn to me; whoever makes the biggest politically leftist movie or music CD gets the Oscar or Grammy (see Green Day).

(And now that Bruce Springsteen has put out a new CD with the E-Street Band, and that it has politically left lyrics that have the critics feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, I predict a big sack of Grammy's for Mr. Springsteen in next year's Grammy love-fest.)

Whoever makes the biggest public splash with his leftist views in his personal life tends to win an Oscar for best actor. (See Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon)

But one might hope that awards that have had respect in the past wouldn't get caught up in and destroy the respect they've earned in the past by bowing to such base politically motivated voting.

Alas, the once august Nobel Prize has suffered what it probably a fatal chink in it's armor.

Awarding Al Gore and the UN Climate group who are screaming and preaching the evils of man-made global warming proved once and for all that even the once respected Nobel Prizes have followed suit and just become a politically liberal rubber stamps on leftist world politics.

So Al Gore, the biggest hypocrite of the young 21st century has an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize under his belt.

He preaches one way of life and then lives another, non environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Al Gore is a massive hypocrite of the Church Of Global Warming. He tells his flock how to live and act, while living and acting in the opposite way in almost every aspect of his life.

Congratulations to the Nobel Committee. You've proved that you are just another once proud group who have been corrupted and used as a bully pulpit for the far leftists of the entire world.

I won't say congratulations to Al Gore. He's a dangerous man in my opinion, and if I might give another personal observation, I believe he's pretty much the embodiment of evil; the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing.

Besides, was it just me, or did the "looking far into the future" photo that was shown of Al Gore in the Peace Prize announcement look an awful lot like the old Soviet pictures of Stalin, Lenin, Chairman Mao, and the murderous thug Che Guevara?

I truly believe that every human alive has, at one time or another, been hypocritical; that we have each said one thing and done another.

But most people learn from and adjust their lives to not do that again. It's human nature to both screw up and then make it right again, you know?

However, when you have someone like Al Gore, whose hypocrisy is now documented in great detail, winning Nobel prizes in spite of this, the Nobel Prize becomes tainted beyond repair.

At least the voters in the Nobel group have shown their allegiance, and we now know about it and can ignore these awards from now on. Just like we ignore the other, once lesser awards for music and movies.

We knew something was screwy in Norway when Jimmy Carter won one of the darn things, but this is 100% proof that the Nobel is a hollow award.

I feel so dirty after talking about Al Gore, that I'm going to spread some cheer here with a couple of pretty pictures from my part of Florida.

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The Rock Chick said...

Politically, I'm pretty much in the middle--maybe tilted towards the left a bit. Nowhere near like some of the people you've mentioned. I don't think too far to the left or to the right is the place to be, really!!

Love the first photo! Wow...the sky looks awesome! Thats an incredible shot!