Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Iran And Nuclear Weapons

For years we lived under the threat of mutually assured destruction.

We had a whole passel of nuclear weapons and the Soviet Union had a bunch too.

We knew if we sent ours off at them, that they could send theirs and poof, the world would be back to the bronze age or something like that.

What few people survived that is.

But as we were developing nuclear weapon capabilities, we never ever said to any other country or group of people, "Hey! We're building super weapons that we're gonna use to kill all y'all." (at least that's how a southerner would have said it.)

The Soviet Union didn't either.

Luckily, the Soviet Union/Russia ran out of cash.

But repeatedly in the past couple of years, Iran has declared that they are working lickety-split to develop nuclear weapons capabilities and that when they have them they're gonna blow Israel off the map.

This is SUCH a different situation. A country led by a group of ultra-radical muslim clerics have basically said that Israel has no right to exist, and when we get the bomb, soon after Israel and the Jews will no longer exist.

The honestly believe it's their duty to destroy Israel. Literally.

So you have a very powerful, rich nation that has openly stated they're trying to build nuclear bombs and missiles and that when they do, their first target will be to destroy Israel and the Jews.

The more radical groups within islam believe that it is OK to kill other muslims if they are in the way. In other words, they excuse the collateral damage in the killing of innocent muslims as long as the intended target is worthy.

We let Iran's President Iminajihad come over here to speak at the UN and at Columbia University and he's all smiles and had this total "Aw, shucks" attitude, but he has made many speeches to his own people and openly declared that they, Iran, feel it's their responsibility to destroy Israel and the Jews.

Now or later, somebody is going to have to take out these nuclear research facilities in Iran.

Will it be the US?

Will it be Israel?

I don't know, but if we don't, Israel will.

I'm just sorry to say that we live in a screwed up country and world that will throw their hands in the air and cry foul when whoever has the guts to do so, makes a preemptive strike or series of strikes against Iran's nuclear weapons facilities.

I'm sorry, but I say it's getting close to time to fire up the stealth bombers and the stealth fighters and turn 'em loose.

Because if Iran gets nuclear capabilities, Israel is in trouble. And Israel is the one true friend we've ever had over in that part of the world.

And if I may go off on a crazy, fundamentalist Christian tangent here, I personally believe that the United State's reason for being is to have helped and supported the founding of the nation of Israel in the 1940s and supporting them up to now.

Crazy? Maybe. But I truly believe that, and I cannot fathom an America that would stand idly by and watch Israel become a nuclear waste land.

I do not want war for anyone. But to me it's as if the guy two houses down the street were to start assembling a howitzer in his front yard while saying that when it is completed he's going to start blowing up the houses belonging to the rest of us. We can't sit idle and watch the howitzer come closer to completion each day that passes.

There are few easy answers in this world. One of the advantages of being in the cold war was that, at the end of the day, the Soviet Union loved their families as much as we loved ours. They knew that to start a nuclear exchange would guarantee their wives' and kids' deaths.

The Iranian government, like all of modern, radical islam, have no such feelings. They consider it an honor to kill whomever is innocent to achieve their aims, even if the innocents are their own families.

They are ten times the menace the old Soviet Union ever was.

Gentlemen, start your engines.


Hammer said...

The despotic radicals in those countries have no respect for anything human or sacred. they blow up their own holy shrines to kill people other muslims that are in their way.

I have a feeling they use their relgion to cherry pick the next evil they wish to commit.

They need to be taken out quickly.

Babystepper said...

Scary and true, I'm afraid.

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