Thursday, October 25, 2007

Palm Bay Makes The Drudge Report

Yesterday I checked to see what headlines had been posted on The Drudge Report, and one of the news items was "Florida City Tries To Ban All Chinese Products."

So I clicked on that one to see exactly which city in Florida was being talked about, and lo an behold, it was Palm Bay.

Then I had to see if it was positive news for the City.

Our mayor, John Mazziotti is trying to put into effect a ban on Chinese products when the city buys something.

It isn't a total ban on Chinese products coming into the city, just that the city itself when making purchases for the city, cannot buy Chinese products.
"I don't think people have the slightest idea how much is from China," said Mazziotti. "I remind people every day. Pick up that label and see where it's made. You might surprise yourself."

I think it's pretty cool myself.

Then last night as I headed home from work, I turned on a local AM station to listen to the Jerry Doyle Show, an independent conservative talk show, and he was talking about the issues with all of the recalls and political problems with China going on right now. (Jerry Doyle was part of the cast of the science fiction show, Babylon 5, and also ran for Congress as a Republican in California. He's now an independent and a talk radio show host.)

Then Jerry Doyle starts talking about "this city in Florida, Palm Bay" whose mayor has announced a ban on the city purchasing Chinese products and how he supports that and that this mayor has a lot of guts.

Then, on the air, he asks his producer to call and try to get "the mayor of Palm Bay on the line" and after the next commercial break, he had John Mazziotti on the show as a call in guest.

They talked about the whole range of issues going on with China right now and I thought Mr. Mazziotti was quite articulate and very plain spoken (always a plus in my book) and made his points quite convincingly.

It was kind of surreal driving around town here while listening to our mayor talk live on a nationally syndicated radio program.

Go Mayor Mazziotti!

I certainly don't agree with all of his policies, for example, he opposed a local ordinance that would have fined local businesses for knowingly hiring illegal aliens that I think is a great idea, but I do agree with him on this issue with China.


katherine. said...

I totally agree that we need to cut way back on buying so many items made in China.

I think that maybe your city will run into some problems.

For one example:
Do they have a contract (or a preferred vendor) for office supplies which gives the city good pricing? Kinda a problem because the basics like pens and paper may be from China. And if you can find items manufactured in another country (maybe even the USA) they are going to be significantly higher in cost.

just think about the sundry basic items which will have to updated in the various databases for the city purchasing and accounts payable.

should be interesting...

JAM said...

Yeah, it very well may be one of those things that sounds like a good idea, but that is too difficult to implement.

photowannabe said...

I read that on Drudge yesterday too. I really may be too hard to impliment a very goo idea.

Hammer said...

I hope he's a trend setter.

amysala said...

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