Monday, April 21, 2008

Many Young Liberals / Progressives / Socialists Are Stupid

The Democrat's newest attacks on John McCain are that they are starting to say that John McCain is too old to be President.

Wow. Talk about already being out of things to complain about with a candidate, they are already down to calling him too old? And the Democratic nominee hasn't even been chosen yet?

Man, the Democrats must really be in trouble to already be in this situation.

You know when you get into an argument and before you can even get up a good head of steam, your opponent starts calling you names? You know that they HAVE NO argument when they quickly start calling you names, right?

So here we have the Democrats already calling John McCain too old.

It's actually kind of reassuring in a way, because if they are already down to such weak attacks, then John McCain's chances to win the Presidential election are really looking pretty good aren't they?

But just the audacity for young morons to attack a true American war hero as being too old is pretty astounding to me.


In case you're too dumb to understand the implications there, dummy, this energetic 72 year old OR his mother can still kick your butt. Comprende?

I read where one (of the many) liberal groups even put together a 90 second TV ad where a bunch of young Democrats talk about how John McCain is too old to be President.

I'm only 45, but that makes me want to find a good stick and find those punks and work them over a bit for their stupidity.

Don't these stupid young liberals / progressives / socialists realize that way LESS than half of eligible voters under 40 bother to vote?

Don't these stupid young liberals / progressives / socialists realize that way MORE than half of eligible voters over 50 DO bother to vote?

Don't these stupid young liberals / progressives / socialists realize that they are being discriminatory to people who are older than them, and that their silly antics will help get the mature voters out to vote for John McCain in even bigger numbers?

Nope, I guess not.

These stupid young liberals / progressives / socialists are simply to idiotic to see how foolish their claims are and that by being so stupid, they are HELPING John McCain get an even larger share of the more likely to vote than them older voters?

They are insulting the very voter group that can put John McCain into the Oval Office.

So much for the Democrats being the party of the tolerant and the party of inclusion for all.

This "John McCain is too old" attack scheme is going to backfire on the Democrats, big time.

You just watch.

"Youth is wasted on the young." -- George B. Shaw


Hammer said...

liberals / progressives / socialists can never be called "racist or discriminatory" because the donkey on their lapel pin gives them immunity.

Qtpies7 said...

You know, that would be great! I didn't think he even had a chance left. I'd love to see him up there over Clinton or Obama!

The Rock Chick said...

I 100% agree. When it gets down to name calling, it's because they have no argument!

I like John McCain. I think he's an upstanding guy and 72 is hardly too old to do anything. Maybe to the 18-30 group that might seem "old" but that's only because they are young and know not what they speak :)

This is the first election where I've actually liked all of the candidates. At this point, I can see any of the three of them being elected. I think it will be close right until the end.