Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I Have G.A.S.

Guitar Acquisition Syndrome

I "borrowed" this photo of the actual guitar for sale at Sweetwater Music.

I have several problems in wanting this guitar:
1. I don't have a spare $1400 to buy it.
2. It's a limited edition, so this spiffy blue one won't be around but a couple of months.
3. I want it really, really bad. (So bad that I'm willing to butcher the Queen's English even more than usual.)
4. This limited production blue model will be gone before I can save up $1400 to buy it, and this bothers me.

I know it's sinful to have lust in my heart.

I'm so ashamed.

Anybody got $1400 I can borrow?

I had a blue guitar once, and blue guitars simply sound better than other colors.


Anonymous said...

my guitar is red. If I could actually play it, I bet it would sound better than blue...alas, I don't play. Apparently I share your GAS though!

Babystepper said...

Oh, blue is very cool for a guitar. You could probably take the world by storm with a guitar that cool.

Worth the money? Maybe you'd better ask Lovely Wife.

terri said...

Even if it didn't sound good, it would be worth it just because it looks SO cool!

Marianne said...

I love blue. It's a beauty. You should hold a fund raiser, maybe even a bake sale. How are you with chocolate chip cookies.

Beverly said...

I hope you get it.

Marsha (Bis Sis) said...

You could sell one of your vital organs! hahahahaha Just pick one that wouldn't have a long recovery time!

Uvulapie said...

I hear ya... In fact, I had a post about this same thing just last December 27 although my dream guitar was only $250, a big jump from the $80 strat copy I had. My lovely wife got tired of hearing my yearn for guitars and bought it for me, a combination of anniversary/Valentines/Birthday gift. Of course it didn't stop my G.A.S., just slowed it down a bit :)

If it helps, Sweetwater is about twenty minutes away from my house, plus I know a couple of guys who work there. I'll see if maybe one of them can sneak it out under his jacket.

Qtpies7 said...

Kaytlin is dying to get a new guitar. For some reason her's won't make any sound, and she recently had that fixed, too.
I bet she'd love a blue guitar, too. But she doesn't have that much money, either. She's shooting for a $400 one.

You should check out my dad's hobby. He even wrote a guest post on my blog. I'm sure he'd love a couple more comments on his first "published" writing, lol.