Wednesday, April 23, 2008

If You Think Politics Ain't Funny...

You ain't never been to the IMAO web site.

The head muckety-muck and main funny man there, Frank J., used to work as an engineer at the same company I work for, but he got out. He moved to Idaho or some other place far, far away from Florida.

I haven't figgered out how to do that yet.

Here's a snippet of something Frank posted over there today, and gave me a much needed laugh on an otherwise bummer of a day:
Barack Obama Rumors
Posted by Frank J. at 12:53 PM | View blog reactions | Comments (2)

There have been many rumors about Senator Barack Obama, so I thought I'd check on how which ones are true if any:

RUMOR: Obama is a Muslim.
Obama is not currently a Muslim. He's a Christian of some sort in the "hate Whitey" sect.

RUMOR: Obama is an enlightened space alien sent to save humanity.
All evidence points towards Obama being a below average man who his wife stopped asking to do chores around the house because he was always getting his head stuck in the mop bucket.

RUMOR: Obama tried to bomb the Pentagon.
That was his friend.

RUMOR: Obama felt we got what we deserved on 9/11.
That was his other friend.

RUMOR: Obama was once a hired goon for the Aquaman villain Black Manta.
While Obama has served on a number of committees and attended a fundraiser hosted by Black Manta, Obama has never worked for him. His campaign has on numerous occasions called it out of bounds to draw connections between Obama and the terrorists, hatemongers, and supervillians he happens to hang around with in his spare time.

And those are just a part of the Obama rumor analysis.

Go visit them for the humor, but stay for the, well, um, whatever. Go visit them.

You'll find yourself bookmarking the site for future use. Frank's wife Sarah, has a cool blog of her own. Well, it WAS cool until she started putting pictures of home made sushi on there.

I have been really spotty in my blog looking and lurking lately, but these are two good places for a champ-een lurker like myself.

Earth Day went out with a wimper for me yesterday, I didn't see, and therefore didn't get to yell at any yuppie Prius owning snobs.

Have to wait 'til next year I reckon.

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Hammer said...

Funny stuff!

Thanks I haven't ben over there for a while.