Thursday, September 20, 2007

This Is SO Stupid

The University of Central Florida is in Orlando.

You may have never heard of it, but it's one of the ten largest universities in the United States.

It's a fine school academically. Almost 50,000 students. Growing and becoming more of a force in college sports every year.

Up until this season, their football team played it's games in the Citrus Bowl, a stadium in Orlando.

Their own campus football stadium was finished this year in time for the football season.

This past Saturday was their first home game ever on the campus, and they were rightly proud of their new 45,000 seat stadium.


They were able to get the stadium built under the OLD building codes.

So what, you say?

The newer building codes mandate that there must be at least one public water fountain for every 1,000 seats in the stadium.

But they built this brand new stadium WITHOUT EVEN ONE PUBLIC WATER FOUNTAIN.

They hosted the University of Texas football team this past Saturday afternoon and almost won the game. If nothing else, the University of Texas will never, ever take UCF for granted in any future games.


Paramedics had to treat folks in the stands for heat exhaustion because of the greed of the University of Central Florida's powers that be.

See, a bottle of water at the stadium costs a whopping $3. That's highway robbery.

UCF's football team showed themselves proud in a very close loss to Texas, but that water situation is an out and out disgrace.

Stupid greedy people.

Update: News Flash!
On the Orlando news last night they said that officials were now going to install 50 water fountains in the new stadium, after last Saturday's fiasco.

Of course, nobody knows when the new water fountains will be installed, but the politicians said they would, so you know it will be done quickly and under budget.


And In Other, More Positive News...

I posted another spiffy panorama photo on my John's Daily Digital Images blog today.

Y'all go on over and check it out.


Norma said...

Keep after them JAM. That's an outrageous story. Water fountains are getting as scarce as phone booths. Now, have you checked out the women's restrooms? Send your wife in; if it's under the old code, they're in trouble.

Back from Ireland, but not doing much yet. When you finally get there, it is a photographer's dream.

katherine. said...

having worked in higher ed...I can tell you that the really smart people are in the classrooms...

Babystepper said...

Oh man, don't get me started on college bureaucracy! Erg!

Beverly said...

I heard that on the news this morning, and I just couldn't believe it. Does the university get a cut of the profits of the water bottles?

Playing football in the heat in Florida is awful...watching it is awful. I have been to two high school games at night, and I've just about died, and that was after the sun had gone down.

I'm glad they have their own stadium. My son attended the Orlando Magic BB camp which was held in the arena at UCF several years ago.

Hammer said...

It's like disney world, they have fountains but all they put out is warm cloudy foul tasting water.

Travis said...

They probably also have a rule that says you can't take in your own beverages... know, for the public safety.

photowannabe said...

Wow that's quite a story. No beverages to be brought in and gouge the people forced to buy the stuff. Greed.

Curly said...

Is there some sort of problem with taking your own bottled water to the game? I don't know your stadium rules in the States. Anyway, how are the 'Canes doing?

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