Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Dream Come True (A drama in real life!)

I lay on my back in the hospital bed.

The doctor and a nurse were on my right, the nurse having just placed an IV into my arm.

"We're putting several anti-poison chemicals in your IV. They should protect you from any normal poison that the men trying to kill you might use," said the doctor.

Just as he finished speaking, I looked to the foot of the bed and there stood four men, each holding up liquid filled syringes. When I noticed them they each reached to stick their needles in my feet to poison me.

I started kicking at them, and realizing that I was seconds from perhaps several lethal doses of poison, I twisted over quickly to my left and off the hospital bed onto the floor.

I was simply a man in dire straights, operating on pure instinct, thinking that having contorted myself out of bed and onto the floor, I might buy precious seconds with which to find some way of defending myself.

I twisted so fast and so hard that although I had been laying on my back in the hospital bed, I completely turned and landed on my butt on the floor.


I woke up.

I was half sitting up on the floor beside our Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed.

I had acted in my real bed just as I had in the hospital bed of my dream and woke when my right buttock made violent contact with the carpeting on the bedroom floor.

I had really spun completely around in my attempt to avoid my dream murderers and had flung off the mask from my CPAP unit as well.

I had grunted when I hit the floor, and Lovely Wife jumped out of her side of the bed, turned on the light and came around to see about me.

I was so stunned that I had to sit/lay there and not move until I had taken stock of myself and that I hadn't popped something else loose in my back in my violent maneuver.

I carefully moved to where I could get up and get back into bed, lay there until I was sure that nothing was broken or ruined in my back, put my mask back on and went back to sleep.

This morning, Lovely Wife noticed I had a bruise on my RIGHT upper arm from where I hit the bedside table in my ninja move to get away from the bad guys.

I had been laying there sleeping on my left side, facing the edge of the bed, and twisted that far around and onto the floor in my sleep, hitting my arm on the wooden corner in the process.

The strangest thing about this happening now, is that I have just made a list of things that I can write about on this blog.

On the short list of subjects is one where I was going to write about how, when I was a boy, I slept on the top bed of a bunk bed with Big Brother on the bunk below.

The house we lived in at the time had hardwood floors and I would occasionally roll out of the top bunk onto the hardwood floor.

I would be so thoroughly asleep that Big Brother, awakened by my body plunking onto the floor next to him, would reach over, wake me up, and have me climb back up into my bed.

I had planned to make a big joke of it, as if I had finally realized what could have made me the weird person that I am today, and that it might have possibly been my repeated falls from the top bunk onto the hardwood flooring as a kid.

But, Wednesday night, I think I topped even my falls from the top bunk.

It has been over 25 years since I fell out of bed.

But when I decided to do it again after all this time, I did it with panache.

I guess I have more of a natural dramatic flair than I would have ever thought before.


Qtpies7 said...

Would it be rude to laugh?
We've all been there, in some way or other.
How is your brother?

Travis said...

Now that made me laugh hard. Sorry about that.

But I believe this doesn't qualify as merely falling out of bed. This was a launch! Glad you didn't hurt yourself.

Scribbit said...

You can count that as your exercise for the day.

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