Saturday, September 15, 2007

Something for Saturday

Sorry about the math thing yesterday, folks.

Sometimes I get full of myself, and maybe I'm a teacher at heart, so stuff like that just comes out.

Only problem is that I don't get along with kids too great. Especially other people's kids, so I would last about two weeks as a teacher and by then I'd have to kill somebody.

Engineering's the next best thing I guess. I get to do and know neat stuff, but don't have to deal with kids.

I love my daughters and their friends, but they're mostly good, earnest young adults.

But trying to teach the whole baggy pants, sideways baseball cap, and stoner crowds would lead me to murder as sure as anything.

I'm really good at untangling necklaces and knots in ropes and strings, but you can't make a living doing that.

I love photography, but there are about 100million people in America that love it too and I don't have the drive to try to make a living in photography.

Weird but true. I have the drive to learn math, physics, and electrical stuff, and to do engineering work, and although I like it, I'm not passionate about it.

So I guess I'll keep on with the engineering as a day job. Do my photography and writing on the side.

And dream a lot, like most people do, that I wish I had the courage to make a go at writing or photography for a living.

Pictures tomorrow.


Babystepper said...

Why don't you further you education then? I can tell you love to learn. You could teach college. It's perfectly acceptable for college professors to not actually like their students. Trust me.

Qtpies7 said...

I was going to say to teach college, too! At least there people want to learn, and you can be mean to the stupid ones. And flunk them, which costs them lots of money, so you get even better revenge than murdering them. And hopefully, word of your flunking stupid people will get around and people will pay really close attention and call you King and you will be in a happy job!

katherine. said...

there is something about writing (and maybe photography) which seems to require a bit more courage isn't there....hmmm.

CG said...

well, we can all have dreams can't we? I know I do...!