Tuesday, December 04, 2007

US Teens Lag Behind In Science And Math

A news article on Yahoo proclaims that "US teens lag behind in science and math."

Apparently American school kids scored lower in math and science than kids in 23 other countries.

Come on people!

That's not fair. This is America.

Math and science don't matter at all here.

American schools care about being number one in giving out condoms, birth control pills and making sure that teen girls can get abortions without having to tell their parents.

That math and science stuff is over rated.

Heck, math and science are hard to do!

We just want our kids to have sex without consequences and not have to think very hard.

It takes hours per day to learn calculus and chemistry; time that is better spent playing Guitar Hero and World of Warcraft.

This is America, where people can make "documentaries" whose facts have bigger holes than the Titanic and still win Nobel Peace Prizes.

Don't need nunna dat math and science junk here.

We're doing alright just as we are.

Who really cares if America's kids are dumb as a box of rocks.


Hammer said...

I guess we can keep hiring people from India do do all the brainy stuff.

Babystepper said...

It's not only our math and science that are abysmal.

I just read that a large portion of graduating seniors think we fought with the Germans against the Russians in WWII.

Daughter Two said...

The teachers were to busy with teaching us how to pass the F.C.A.T. to teach us the real things we needed to learn. :( The sad thing is most of the students could harly pass the dang F.C.A.T. It's really sad.

uberstrickenfrau said...

thas rite, woo neds thut stuf aini waz! Stuuupod muth and spelzing, thas why we haz goggul to thik fur us!

Julie said...

Very interesting post. Scary...but very interesting.

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