Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ti-i-i-ime Is On My Side

It's news like this that helps keep me from buying the man-made global warming hype.

I've gone on record numerous times here talking about how, if the global warming alarmists really believed that man was causing global warming that they'd live like it; that they would live a life that has little impact on nature. But I see, time after time, those who are shouting the loudest about man's undeniable negative impact on the earth's average temperature flying in private jets, and living in massive masions that consume many times the energy of a normal citizen, so I discount their global warming cries because if they really believed in what they say, they'd live differently. They would be examples, instead, they live do as I say, not as I do, lives.

Ticks me off, to say the least.

One of the things that global warming alarmists rail on about is the melting ice sheets in Greenland. I don't deny that they are melting, satellite photos from over the years show it to be so, but I personally believe it's due to natural cycles of the world's average temperature rising and falling.
Magma May Be Melting Greenland Ice
Andrea Thompson
LiveScience Staff Writer Thu Dec 13, 8:10 AM ET

SAN FRANCISCO—Global warming may not be the only thing melting Greenland. Scientists have found at least one natural magma hotspot under the Arctic island that could be pitching in.

...clues to a new natural contribution to the melt arose when scientists discovered a thin spot in the Earth’s crust under the northeast corner of the Greenland Ice Sheet where heat from Earth’s insides could seep through, ...

Seems like every time people get their undies in a wad about something like this, and then folks take a hard look at the situation, other factors are shown to be involved.

Where global warming alarmists immediately jumped on the melting of Greenland's ice as proof of man's folly in regards to the environment, other things like a thin spot in the earth's crust eventually show up.

Now tell me, what do you think has more possibility to melt ice like that, man's impact via cars, passenger jets, priviate jets with rich environmentalists on them, or untold amounts of 3000 degree molten rock under a thin spot in the earth's crust?

Time is not on the side of those who make a living from global warming like the carbon offset sellers and those whose power and position are based on preaching about man made global warming. Seems as time goes by, more and more of their dire predictions fail to come true, or like this new discovery, other, more sensible reasons for warming in certain areas eventually appears.


Hammer said...

Yestereday three world renowned scientists said that global warming models are flawed.

Go figure..

photowannabe said...

I think you are right. Those yelling the loudest shoud practice what they preach.

Norma said...

Good stuff. You're my quote today.