Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Kind of News I Like to Read About Most:

Voyager 2 finds solar system's shape is 'dented'

The two space probes, Voyager I and Voyager II were sent out in 1977.

That's 30 years ago, and in 1979 the first Star Trek movie used Voyager as the main plot point.

That's how long those things have been sailing through our solar system.

Voyager II is making the news because it has reached the edge of our solar system and found condition a bit different (much cooler) than they thought, and a bit strange too (there's a dent in the edge where our sun's solar wind meets interstellar space).

Truly, it's news that geeks love to read about.

Way, way, WAY cooler than Paris Hilton and almost as cool as Led Zeppelin reforming for that London show yesterday (that I sadly was unable to attend).


Babystepper said...

Zaya has a video that plays music from Gustav Holst's "The Planets" while showing NASA footage from satellites and the moon landing and such like. It was made in the eighties, though, (Isaac Asimov narrates for the few words there are) so the pictures are very old, and the computer simulations are laughable. I would love to see that video remade with the new footage they've gathered in the intervening years.

photowannabe said...

A dent in space. i can't wrap my brain around that but it sounds so ethereal.

Hammer said...

It's amazing that Voyager is still sending back data.

They pinged one of the poineer space probes on a whim a few years back and to their surprise it woke up and sent back a response. and it was launched in 1965,

Travis said...

I find it fascinating that we're still receiving communications from the Voyager probes 30 years later.

I guess we do space stuff pretty well.

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