Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mitt Romney

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has basically been pressured into giving a speech on his Mormon faith. (That's Mitt there saying, "Mormons are A-OK!")

Here's an article about it on CNN.

Mitt seems to be a fairly centrist guy in my book, though all the current crop of Republicans claim to be conservative.

But everywhere he goes, and in every interview I've ever seen with him, Mr. Romney is asked about his Mormon faith as if he has two heads and needs to explain what it's like to be two-headed.

I do not believe many of the same things that my Mormon friends do about theology, but come on people, give the man a break!

Democratic Senator Harry Reid has been a powerful man in Washington, D.C. for decades and I've never once heard him asked about his Mormon faith.

Being the type of lightning-quick intellect that can only be produced in Louisiana public schools, I can only come up with one reason that this is happening with Mitt Romney and not Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:

Most "journalists" don't have enough sense to realize their own bias in that they demand that a Republican Mormon explain his beliefs in a public speech because his political views differ from theirs and somehow the Mormon thing scares them; while on the other hand, Senator Reid has proven himself a world-class yes man for whatever the Democratic Party believes at any given moment and is therefore "safe" despite his claim to be a Mormon like Mitt Romney.

And then people turn around and look at you with a totally serious face and wonder how we can believe that the majority of the mainstream media in this country are biased toward liberal/Democratic Party views.

I don't believe for one second his speech has anything to do with reducing the fears of possible Republican voters but that this is to hopefully shut up the reporters' incessant questioning of his faith so that he can then talk about something else on the campaign trail.

But that's just my own opinion.


Hammer said...

I think people equate mormons to a cult either they are bigoted or afraid of what they don't understand.

99% of the mormons I've bet were very nice moral, upstanding people.

They just have an extra messiah.

Starting To Learn said...

Extra messiah? Where is the world is that coming from?

Mormons believe that the Messiah is Jesus Christ, that's why they get so worked up when people say that they're not Christian.

Babystepper said...

It's all very sticky, but I agree with you that they should leave poor Mitt alone about it.

photowannabe said...

Some people think others are always wrong or weird if they don't beieve the same things.
Interesting post John.

Norma said...

Why doesn't Hillary have to explain why she is a Methodist and gives so many speeches in churches? I personally think it was a bad move on his part to have to explain this to the media.

katherine. said...

while I don't believe any of the candidates should have to explain their faith...there have been some unusual beliefs/practices in the Morman faith in the past hundred years....that is why people who don't know are asking.