Sunday, December 09, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday December 9, 2007

All I have this week is a hodge-podge selection of my old 35mm slides.

This is a neat view of a waterfall within Petit Jeanne State Park in Arkansas.

In December of 1982 there was some serious flooding in northeast Louisiana. One day I went down to where they were filling and placing sand bags to try to save some houses from flooding. This is a soldier in the cab of a Louisiana National Guard truck.

Sand bags were added to a small levee behind a row of houses near a swamp. The water was slowly rising and they were able to keep water out of most of the homes. A lot of back breaking work went on here.

I've posted various pics of my then future In-Law's flowers and plants. Here's one of my own Sainted Mother's caladiums. (caladia? caladii?)

Here's one of Sainted Mother's purdy flars.

I thought the center petals of the flower looked like a mouth or beak, so I added a couple of eyes to make it look more like a face. I know it's lame.

Have a good Sunday folks!


Norma said...

Do you look at these old photos and wonder where they are now?

Great flowers, too.

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