Sunday, November 18, 2007

Picture Post, Sunday November 18, 2007

Photography literally means "light writing". All great photographs have great lighting. Not that mine are great, but any that I've taken that are good have, at the very least, good light in them.

I'll use great light any way I can get it, even light from unexpected places.

Lovely lights from the windows of a public restroom in a public park. I love this photo anyway.

A great blue heron sittin' pretty in the light. Nope, that's not moonlight, that's the lights from a gas station back there reflecting on the water. I love this one anyway too.

Sometimes the source of the light is also the subject of the photograph instead of illuminating the subject, like these lamps in a park.

A water depth gauge in Crane Creek in Melbourne, Florida.

Mangrove roots in the Indian River Lagoon in Melbourne Beach, Florida. When we first moved here in 1996 there were a whole bunch of brand new mangrove shoots that had been put out here and there and it seemed like they would never grow. They always looked the same size year after year and I wondered what the deal was. I guess that mangrove grows incredibly slow, but once they get going, they grow at a decent rate. This bit of root was a little 1m tall sapling (or whatever they call the little ones they planted) but has finally taken off in the past two or three years. Grow, boy, grow!


Norma said...

These are amazing, especially the first one. Beauty in the ordinary.

Kerri said...

Lovely shots..... my fav is the heron! Great job!

Babystepper said...

Would never have guessed those were public restrooms. They look much classier!

photowannabe said...

Very interesting set of pictures. I really like the bathroom windows and the light pole shots. Very artsy and right up my alley.

Travis said...

Cool pictures as usual. If you hadn't pointed out the light sources in the first two, I would never have suspected.

I love the heron shot.