Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The World Is Crazy

Japanese 'cannibal killer' executed in Tokyo (photo credit:(Jiji Press/AFP/Getty)

Personally, I think that they should have let the guy continue killing cannibals.

There are way too many cannibals in the world today, and this man was clearly doing something to benefit society by being a cannibal killer.

I'd be a cannibal killer myself if if weren't for examples like this, where the killer of ee-VIL cannibals was himself put to death instead of the cannibals.

Cannibals have way too many rights in today's world.

But I obviously love it when headlines are easier read one way than the intended meaning. Remember the optical illusion where the stairs look to be going up or maybe down depending on your point of view? I always liked things like that.

Folks, seriously. It's either my lame attempts at humor, or I'd have to whine and moan about Barak Obama or John McCain. At least an attempted joke has the potential to make y'all smile where our two main candidates for President would result in only wailing and the gnashing of teeth.


Hammer said...

I keep seeing headlines that leave the perp ambiguous. Most sound like the cops are involved in committing the crime.

Big Doofus said...

That guy was very, very sick. It's just too bad that the Japanese government killed him. It would have made much more sense for the government to keep him in a tiny little jail cell for the rest of his life via taxpayer money.