Sunday, June 22, 2008

Picture Post, Sunday June 22, 2008

Our property taxes at work. These sure are some fancy-shmancy new bathrooms on the beach here. We've stayed in hotels that weren't as nice as these dramatic, red-tile roofed bathrooms.

There are still a number of old-school, privately owned hotels here on the beach. Not the big name chain hotels. I liked the look of this one. It was freshly painted and really looked to be a nice place.

Step on up to the boardwalk for a nice walk along the beach. I absolutely cannot accurately judge distances, but I'd guess the boardwalk here to be about half a mile long. Of course, if you don't mind sand, you can walk to Miami or Maine on the beach itself.

More of our property taxes at work. A nice volleyball setup WITH BLEACHERS!


Hammer said...

Hehe those are some nice places.

I'd rather they spend the money on that stuff than illegal aliens and welfare :)

Qtpies7 said...

I think they are nice enough bathrooms, but they still give me the creeps to look at them. All out doorsy bathrooms make me think they are disgusting out houses.