Friday, June 27, 2008

Honda Commercial

The other day I saw a television commercial in which Honda proudly announces they they are working on a new car which will only emit water vapor from the exhaust pipe.

"No more carbon from the tail pipe of your car! Water vapor instead, isn't that great?", they seem to imply.

This kind of thing just infuriates me. It's this kind of stupidity that's gonna give me a heart attack if anything does.

Environmental wackos like James Hansen, the Goddard Space Science Institute guy who is a totally sold out believer in the man-made global warming "crisis", last week made headlines for warning the world that we only have 20 years left to "fix" the invironment.

Problem is, Mr. Hansen made his speech a week or so ago in celebration of a speech he made 20 YEARS AGO, where he basically said the very same thing (that we only had 20 years to fix the planet) before Congress.

The only problem is that, here we are, 20 years later, and he's telling us we only have 20 more years before the planet dies, and THIS TIME he means it!

If his speech 20 years ago was so wonderful, so prophetic, why are we still here? Why haven't we and the earth died? Because knuckleheads like James Hansen were wrong 20 years ago and he an Al Gore are still wrong about it. "It" being man-made global warming.

Prophetic? No, more like, pathetic.

And for years Al Gore and James Hansen and their gullible minions have lamented and preached to us that we should fear carbon.

Must reduce your carbon footprint.

Must reduce our output of carbon.

Carbon is killing the planet.

The only problem is that the carbon in the atmosphere that they are referring to is only 380 parts per million, in other words, NEGLIGIBLE!


The amount of water vapor in our air dwarfs the amount of carbon in the air. If the so-called greenhouse gasses are bad for the earth and for us, why are car manufacturers like Honda bragging about a new car that emits water vapor, the most plentiful greenhouse gas?

The answer is that they are just trying to sell cars.

Honda has gotten the message from the Al Gores and the James Hansens of the world and from the morons who have fallen for their man-made global warming scare and in particular that carbon in any form is bad, and they went and figured out a way to make a car that emits only water vapor as exhaust.

A car that emits only water vapor as exhaust, isn't that wonderful? Shouldn't we all go out and buy one?

Well, not if you truly believe that man is causing global warming by using cars that produce greenhouse gasses.

Because if you trade in your car that produces carbon (a tiny, tiny percentage of the greenhouse gasses in our air), and buy a car than instead produces water vapor (THE most plentiful greenhouse gas in the earth's air) you've just moved in the direction of increasing greenhouse gasses even more than before and you will bring on global warming even faster than you would have with your SUV belching carbon!

People can be so stupid and so gullible.

Y'all go think about it while I go try to calm down.

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.


Qtpies7 said...

I bet it is fun at your house at Christmas.

"Hey, do you want to bring up global warming to dad, or should I? hehehehe"
"You bring up global warming, I'll bring up Obama!"

We love to get our dad riled up, and I bet you are easy to get going, lol. (I am way too easy to get going, I must admit)

JD said...

I have to agree with you there JAM. These days it seems like global warming is some sort of cult. Speak against the cult even a little bit and you shall be bludgeoned to death by inaccurate studies and repetitive chantings of "You're killing the planet!"

Anonymous said...

It's funny. I ranted about this last night at the movies. You can't enjoy a night out with out being reminded of the "doom" to come. makes me laugh.

love you

Daughter two

photowannabe said...

Everywhere I turn its doom and gloom. I can't believe the "power" Gore has in being an authority on everything. How did that happen?
Crazy times we live in...

Water not oil said...

Are you trying to spread disinformation?? Water vapor harmful? Do you have ties to the oil industry? Even if we entertained for a second that water vapor from a car was bad, (forgetting about that lake or ocean or puddle outside that is producing water vapor through evaporation) If you run the exhaust across a cooling plate it turns directly into water. What kind of propaganda are you trying to spread, by encouraging people to think water vapor is bad?

Big Doofus said...

I'm no wacko, but I don't see what's wrong with eliminating some exhaust in our environment that is not only carbon-based, it's deadly. If you breathed the exhaust from a car, you'd die. That cannot be TOO good right?

I think some of the changes we're starting to make are good for all of mankind. There's nothing wrong with taking care of what God has given us. But I'm NOT a supporter of Gore or some of the scare tactics used by the hard-care environmentalist.

Just my thoughts. You brought it up.

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